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Who is Friday Health Plans?

Friday Health Plans is purpose-built specifically for people and small businesses who buy their own health insurance. The company focuses on overall simplicity to offer affordable health plans with benefits that help members stay healthy and cover them if they get sick or hurt. The company focuses on operational efficiency, top-notch customer service, and smart technology as part of a consumer-centric approach.

As of January 2020, Friday has grown to 15,000 members in Colorado who are either on an individual, small group, or a government-funded plan. Friday also manages a health plan in New Mexico with more than 14,000 members.

Friday Health Plans was started in 2015 by Sal Gentile and David Pinkert, two health technology industry veterans. After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the pair wanted to start a simpler, friendlier health insurance company, better designed for individuals choosing their own health plan.

In 2017, Friday acquired Colorado Choice Health Plans, a 45-year old company based in Alamosa, Colorado, that served individuals in rural Colorado. Friday was able to leverage the top-notch customer service built by Colorado Choice to develop simple plans offerings with improved technology. Colorado Choice was rebranded as Friday Health Plans of Colorado, and the company now serves more than three-quarters of Colorado.

All Friday Health Plans’ products are compliant with the Affordable Care Act and are regulated by individual states’ division of insurance. Plans are offered on and off the health insurance marketplace, through licensed brokers and through the Friday Health Plans website.

Why are we coming to Texas?

We see an opportunity to provide simple and comprehensive health insurance for independent shoppers in the Texas market. We plan on building strong partnerships with providers and developing a robust network for our members.

What makes Friday different than other insurance companies?

Our products are designed with simplicity and affordability in mind for people who buy their own health insurance. Friday takes pride in its Colorado-based, empowered customer and provider service team. We understand the importance of the patient-provider relationship and have a strong history of high-touch customer service, provider support, and timely payments.

How do I get in touch with someone from Friday?

If you would like to learn more about Friday Health Plans, please email If you would like to learn more about Friday Health Plans, please email tx_providers@fridayhealthplans.com or call us at 720-543-2015.



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