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May 14 2018

Can I Still Enroll in Health Insurance?

You may have heard that if you didn’t buy a health plan during Open Enrollment, then you missed the boat on health insurance for the whole year. And that’s true — unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. What’s a Special Enrollment Period (SEP)? A time period when you can sign up and start […]

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February 21 2018

How to Use Teladoc

“I need to see the doctor, what are my options?” Sometimes it’s a visit to your doctor’s office. Other times it’s an appointment with the closest urgent care. Rarely (we hope) it’s a visit to the emergency room. And far too often, it’s a Google search that leaves you feeling convinced you could have any […]

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November 7 2017

A Millennial’s Guide to Buying a Health Plan

Let’s be real. No one actually likes buying health insurance. For lots of people, it’s right up there with onerous tasks such as: going to the dentist, doing your taxes, or sitting next to your weird aunt / uncle at the Thanksgiving table. But buying a health plan also doesn’t have to be the palm-over-your-face […]

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