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January 24 2020

4 Reasons to Skip Work When You’re Sick

Telling your boss you’re staying home from work can be awkward. And when taking a sick day—even when you’re really, really sick—it’s hard to not feel like you’re somehow letting your team down… So instead of staying home, you might be inclined to take a few Advils, chug a Gatorade (or three), and head into […]

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April 16 2019

Why hiking is so freaking good for you

There’s something inherently lame about explaining the health benefits of hiking. Mainly because the reasons most of us love hiking go way beyond the health rewards. You know: epic views, fresh mountain air, the sounds and smells of mother nature, the oddly soothing sensation of dirt and snow crunching under your hiking boots. But we […]

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July 31 2018

Your Top Questions Answered

Hey there, awesome Friday members – Hope you’re all having an amazing summer so far. Now that we’ve hit 2018’s halfway mark, we wanted to check in and make sure you’re still getting the most out of your Friday health plan. Over the last seven months, we’ve received great questions from you folks. Questions about […]

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