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At Friday Health Plans, we view providers as teammates. Teammates who do great work for our members. And, put simply, we’re here to support you. If you have any questions about benefits, claims, or eligibility, you can call our member services team anytime: 800-475-8466.  We would love to hear from you.

Provider Tools

Provider Manual

Provider Change Request Form

Medical Request for Authorization/Referral

Request for Additional Rehabilitation Services

Quick Reference Guide-Notification, Preauthorization & Non-Covered Services

Bone Density Screening Checklist

Chemo Treatment Plan

Public Health Information Release Form


Thank you for your interest in joining the Friday Health Plans provider network.

Please remember to include all supporting documentation with your application. Your participation will not be approved without all required documents.

As a provider, you have the right to review your credentialing information. If you wish to obtain the status of your application, please contact Rita Naranjo. Initial credentialed providers will be notified via letter of the credentialing decision. All providers may consider themselves recredentialed unless otherwise notified.

If you have any questions regarding the credentialing process, please contact Rita Naranjo. Please submit your application to

Colorado Health Care Professionals Credentials Application

Ancillary & Facility Credentialing Application

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Type 2 Diabetes Guideline

Type 2 Diabetes Care Flow Sheet

Prenatal Clinical Guidelines

Postpartum Care

CDC Vaccination Schedule 0-18 Years

CDC Vaccination Catch Up Schedule

Adult Immunization Schedule

Preventive Pediatric Health Care

Identifying Infants & Young Children with Developmental Disorders in the Medical Home (Algorithm for Developmental Surveillance and Screening)

AGS Updated Beers Criteria (If you are not a member of AGS, requires registration for free access to Updated Beers Criteria)

Asthma Management for Children and Adults (age 5+ years)

Falls in Older Patients Guideline

MCG Guidelines (Requires a paid subscription)

NCCN Guidelines – Oncology (Requires registration for limited free access)

Guideline for Contraception

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