Silver Plans

No matter what kind of individual you are, Friday Health Plans has a great choice for you, with four simple base plans. Some of our plans even come in a few convenient options, including a Standard Plan and Rx Copay, so make sure to browse the benefits of each to see what fits you best.

The Friday Silver Plans are great for you or the family members on your plan if you see the doctor a few times a year. These plans come in both a Standard and an RX Copay option.

Benefits of our Silver Copay Plan include:

Unlimited Free In-Network Primary Care Visits

See the doc as often as you need. You never can be too careful.

Unlimited Free In-Network Mental Health Visits

So you can take care of that head of yours. It’s important.

$0 Generic Drugs

No more surprises at the pharmacy.

$0 Teladoc Visits

Go to the doctor without leaving your home or spending a cent.

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Individual Deductible/Family


Individual Max Out of Pocket/Family


Annual Wellness Visit


Primary Care Visit

$0 per Visit

Mental Health Visit

$0 per Visit

Specialist Visit

20% after Deductible


$0 per Visit

Urgent Care

$80 per Visit

X-ray and Imaging

20% after Deductible

Inpatient Stay

20% after Deductible

Emergency Room

50% after Deductible

Preventive ACA Drugs Drugs


Preferred Generic Drugs


Preferred Brand Drugs

Up to $250 Copay

Non-Preferred Generic Drugs/Brand

Up to $350 Copay

Specialty Drugs

Up to $710 Copay

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Other Individual Plans

  • Catastrophic

    The Friday Catastrophic Plan is designed for folks under 30 years old who need the most basic of basics. It will be there for you in case of an accident or if you get really sick. You even get 3 free in-network primary care doctor visits at no cost when you’re feeling under the weather. Because this plan is focused on basic stuff, it has a pretty nice price tag!

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  • Bronze

    If you don’t go to the doctor very often and just want basic coverage without breaking the bank, one of the Bronze Plans is likely perfect for you. Even though it has a lower price tag, you’ll get some handy perks, including free Teladoc visits when you want to see a doctor without leaving your living room. And the Bronze Plus also includes unlimited in-network primary care and mental health visits.

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  • Gold

    If you tend to give your insurance card a good workout, a Gold Plan may be the way to go. The Gold Plan has the highest monthly premium, but is well worth it for anyone who has their eye on the lowest deductible offering. And this plan has unlimited in-network free doctor visits, virtual doctor visits and mental health visits, plus $0 generic drugs to manage health issues while giving you peace of mind.

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What Our Members Are Saying

“For me, Friday Health Care has been a near-perfect fit.”


“Friday stands out to me because of the three free visits with the catastrophe plan.”


“The free generic drugs was a big plus for us!”

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Olga W
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