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If you tend to give your insurance card a good workout, a Gold Plan may be the way to go. You’re fine with paying more premium per month to have your deductible lower than some other plans. You’ll get some handy perks like 3 free primary care provider visits and free generic drugs, all before paying a dime toward your deductible.

  • 3 free doctor visits plus a wellness visit and covered preventive services

    Every member on your plan gets 3 free visits!


    See all the doctors you can visit near you in the Friday health network.

  • $0 generic prescription drugs

    Put that wallet away. If the covered drugs are generic, they cost you nothing. See the $0 generic drug list here.

  • $75 urgent care copay (deductible waived)

    If you need after-hours care for a cut or nasty flu, you’ll know what to expect at Urgent Care with a $75 copay before you put a dime toward your deductible.

*Depends on type of Gold Plan.

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Is the Gold Plan right for you?

  • My doctor has me on a frequent flyer card
  • I’m fine with paying more per monthly premium to have my deductible lower than some other plans
  • I'm willing to stay in the Friday network of doctors and hospitals
  • I like being able to visit the doctor when I need to (and have the first 3 at no cost!)
  • Yay for free generic drugs!
  • Sometimes stuff happens to me at night or on weekends, so I like convenient online and phone doctor visits. And I really like $75 urgent care clinic visits (deductible waived)
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