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Friday Catastrophic Plan

The Friday Catastrophic Plan is designed for folks under 30 years old who really just need the most basic of basics. It will be there for you in case of an accident or if you get super sick. You even get three primary care doctor visits at no cost when you’re feeling under the weather. Because this plan is focused on basic stuff, it often has a pretty nice price tag! For the full details of this plan, see the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

  • 3 free primary care doctor visits per year

    Because we want you to get that sore throat feeling better and that weird toenail looked at. Free = healthy + happy.


    See all the doctors you can visit near you in the Friday health network.

  • $0 generic ACA preventive drugs

    We’re talking birth control, vaccines and even smoking cessation. See the $0 generic ACA preventive drug list here.

  • Free annual wellness visit and covered preventive services

    Get your mom off your back and get your annual checkup and any other tests you’re due for–such as pap smear, cholesterol and other standard blood tests, colonoscopy, mamogram and other fun ones (as set by the ACA).

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Is the Friday Catastrophic Plan right for you?

  • I'm darn healthy and under 30 years old
  • I really just need the basics covered
  • I'm willing to stay in the Friday network of doctors and hospitals
  • I like being able to visit the doctor on occasion (and have it cost nothing!)
  • Yay for free preventive ACA drugs!
  • Sometimes stuff happens to me at night or on weekends, so I like the option to have convenient doctor visits online or by phone

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