Open Enrollment FAQs

When is the open enrollment period for buying 2020 health plans?

In Colorado, Open Enrollment begins on November 1, 2019 and ends on January 15, 2020.

If you receive a government subsidy for buying health insurance, you must purchase your plan by December 15 for your plan to start January 1, 2020. Otherwise your plan will start February 1 and you could be uninsured for January.

If you do not receive a subsidy, Friday Health Plans allows you to sign up by December 31 for your plan to start January 1. If you sign up January 1 – 15, your plan will start February 1 and you could be uninsured for January.

Do I qualify for a government subsidy?

You might be surprised to learn you do qualify for financial assistance with your monthly premiums. Individuals who earn less than about $45,000 annually qualify, as does a family of four earning less than about $96,000. Visit to check—if you do qualify,  you will enroll through Connect for Health.

Can I switch health plans during open enrollment?

Yes, open enrollment is the right time to switch from one health plan to another. To switch to Friday Health Plans from another health insurance company, you can enroll directly with us, your broker, or Connect for Health by the deadlines listed above. Be sure to cancel your other plan as well.

If you want to stay with Friday but want to change your plan or your personal information has changed, visit your Friday Member Portal to make those changes, or Connect for Health if you enrolled there originally. Or give us a call 800-475-8466.

Can I buy health insurance outside the open enrollment period? Or to start before January 1?

It depends. If you experience a “qualifying life event,” you may be able to purchase health insurance. These events include getting married, divorced, moving, leaving a job, and more. See the full list here. You’ll need to provide documentation to prove your qualifying life event. For example, if you have a baby December 2, you can enroll your child your plan starting that day.

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