February 27 2019

A Member’s Guide to Maximizing the Free Stuff

Hey there, Friday members! We hope you’re having a healthy and happy 2019.

As we get closer and closer to spring, we want to make sure you have all the health plan knowledge you need to stay healthy and keep your healthcare costs down.

So today, we’re outlining the free benefits that come with your Friday health plan.

We’re talking about benefits like: free doctor visits, free screenings, free vaccinations, free wellness visits, and more. Some plans even have $0 preferred generic drugs.

As always, if you’re confused by anything you read or have any questions about your plan, benefits, or services, please call our Colorado-based customer service team:  800-475-8466. We’re here to help!

Set up your annual wellness visit

An annual wellness visit is a free comprehensive preventive exam with your primary care doctor or OBGYN. It includes certain preventive tests, screenings, and shots. It’s also great for discussing your health history and health goals with your doctor who can make referrals and recommend any further tests that need to be done.

Best of all, this visit is included in every Friday Health plan. And while you can get it done anytime of the year, we suggest getting it done sooner than later (like now-ish).

Annual wellness visit included tests and screenings:

For all adults

For all women

For all children

Important note: Some tests ordered by your doctor during the wellness exam may not be covered. Be sure to ask first!

We’ve got your preventive drugs covered

Put that wallet away. With every Friday health plan, you get access to generic Affordable Care Act (ACA) preventive drugs, including birth control. Check that list here.

All plans have access to a wide-range of vaccines to help keep you in ship-shape. You can get these done at your primary care doc’s office or through a local, convenient vaccine provider:

With Friday’s individual Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans (not Bronze HSA), preferred generic drugs are also $0. You can see that list right here.

Get your peepers checked

Every Friday health plan includes an annual WellVision Exam. It’s super easy to schedule. Simply visit vsp.com, find a close and convenient eye doctor (they’re all in-network), and schedule an appointment. It’s that easy.

In addition to standard visual acuity tests, your eye doctor will look for eye muscle imbalance, vision disorders, and eye disease that could potentially cause future problems. Based on the results, your eye doc may recommend further testing.

Take advantage of your three free doctor visits (individual plans only)

Whether it’s that nagging head cold that won’t seem to go away or that weird lump you’ve been meaning to get checked out, you’re covered at no cost. You have three free visits* with your primary care doc in addition to your annual wellness visit.

*Not available on the Bronze HSA plan.

Again, if you have any questions about your plan, services, or benefits, please call our friendly Colorado-based customer service team: 800-475-8466 or drop us a line at questions@fridayhealthplans.com

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