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2018 Health Plan Information

Value Choice 100 Catastrophic Health Plan

Bronze Basic Health Plan

Bronze Simple HSA Health Plan

Silver / Silver Basic On Exchange Health Plans

Silver Value / Basic Value Off Exchange Health Plans

Gold / Gold Basic Health Plans

Friday’s Provider Search

Dispatch Health

Dispatch Health Benefits Package

Dispatch Health One-Pager

Doctor Visits by Phone or Online

Teladoc Landing Page

Teladoc Mailer

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC’s)

OFF Exchange SBC’s

Value Choice 100 Catastrophic

Bronze Simple HSA

Bronze Basic

Silver Value

Silver Basic Value


Gold Basic

ON Exchange SBC’s

Value Choice 100 Catastrophic

Bronze Simple HSA

Bronze Basic


Silver Basic


Gold Basic

Cost Share Reduction SBC’s

Silver 73%

Silver Basic 73%

Silver 87%

Silver Basic 87%

Silver 94%

Silver Basic 94%

Pharmacy Info


VRx is the pharmacy benefit manager for all 2018 Friday plans. If you have any questions regarding your prescription coverage, please call VRx at 800-424-7361. You can view the drugs covered by Friday here. (link to PDF of pharmacy formulary*)

*Formulary is subject to change.


Archimedes is the specialty pharmacy benefit manager for Friday’s 2018 plans. If your physician prescribes a specialty drug, you will use this card at the pharmacy. If you have questions about specialty drugs and coverage, please call Archimedes at 888-504-5563. You can view the drugs covered by Friday here.

Friday’s Free Preferred Generic Drug List

Friday’s Free Generic ACA Preventive Drug List

VRx Open Formulary*

Individual Evidence of Coverage

*Formulary is subject to change.

American Heart Association

Hypertension Information – American Heart Association

Member Rights

Friday Health Plans is committed to the highest level of quality and ethical standards and to ensuring that all its business is conducted in compliance with Federal, State and local laws and within applicable regulatory guidelines.

Friday Health Plans will take appropriate disciplinary action against employees, providers, subcontractors, consultants, and agents found to have violated Friday Health Plans policies or the Code of Conduct and/or committed Fraud, Waste or Abuse.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

As part of the Friday Health Plans compliance program, we have an obligation to report known or suspected fraud, waste and abuse. We use the terms “fraud”, “waste” and “abuse” defined below as applied to our business.

Fraud – An intentional deception or misrepresentation made by a person with the knowledge that the deception could result in some unauthorized benefit to him/herself or some other person. It includes any act that constitutes fraud under applicable Federal or State law.

Waste – Overutilization of services, or other practices that result in unnecessary costs. Generally not considered caused by criminally negligent actions but rather misuse of resources.

Abuse – An individual’s activities that are inconsistent with sound fiscal, business or medical practices that result in an unnecessary cost, reimbursement for services that are not medical necessary or fail to meet professionally recognized standards for health care.

Report Compliance Issues

For good faith, anonymous reporting of any compliance concerns, including fraud, waste or abuse or other compliance-related matters, please call our Compliance Hotline at 888-533-3696. You do not need to give your name.

Compliance Links

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