Mental Health

Find Mental Health Specialists Who Take Appointments Online And In-Person.

Your Friday Health Plan is here to help you manage your mental health, including a fantastic network of doctors and licensed professionals who are here for you to talk to. See below to find out what resources are available to you.

Speak With a Mental Health Professional

Use the provider searches below to find psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists in the mental health space. Many of Friday’s plans offer mental health counseling visits at $0* (on all Silver, Gold, and some Bronze plans). Check your plan details on your member portal before your visit to find out how your visit is covered. 

$0 visits are for counseling only—other mental health services, including in-patient stays and visits where medications are prescribed, are billed as a specialist visit. This means the cost of your visit will go toward your deductible.  If your mental health visit isn’t covered at $0, your visit is also considered a specialist visit.

Speak to a mental health professional online or by phone --$0 through Teladoc**
Friday Health Plans members can also use Teladoc* for $0 counseling visits on all plans.

Remember, mental health is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. As always, email the Friday Care Crew with any questions about your plan:

* Counseling services only 
** Teladoc mental health services are only for 18 and up. 


Find a Therapist Near You

Visit Friday's Care Navigator to find a therapist near you or online.

Teladoc Health

Talk to a Therapist by Phone or Online

Friday Health Plans has partnered with Teladoc to connect patients like you with doctors over 2 million times. Speak to a licensed doctor by phone or video in minutes.