May 30 2018

Find an In-Network Urgent Care Facility

In this day and age of modern healthcare, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to getting care.

You’ve got doctor visits for routine check-ups, recurring medical problems, and referrals. Telehealth services like Teladoc for common ailments like sinus infections and the flu. On-demand healthcare providers like DispatchHealth that come straight to you. And the good old-fashioned hospital emergency room for true emergencies like chest pains and head and eye injuries.

As a Friday member, you also have access to a great network of urgent care facilities.

Don’t want to wait a week to see your primary physician for that nagging head cold? Have an urgent medical problem (read: cut finger or weird-looking toenail)? Good news: You can visit an in-network urgent care for a $75 flat fee*.

*Not included in Catastrophic plans or HSA plans. If you have these plans, check out Teladoc, which you can access for a $45 flat fee.

Throughout Colorado, we have dozens of in-network urgent care centers you can go to. And because we know health insurance can get confusing, we’re outlining in the list below all of our in-network urgent care centers based on where you live.

This way, you can:

1) Find the in-network urgent care closest to you in the below list.

2) Store it in your phone.

3) Be ready to go in case anything ever pops up!

Remember, you MUST go to an in-network urgent care, otherwise you won’t be covered.




Canon City


Colorado Springs

Copper Mountain


Denver has several Concentra Urgent Care centers throughout the area, all of which are in the Friday network. Please visit Concentra to find the closest, most convenient urgent care facility for you.


Fort Collins




Highlands Ranch








Woodland Park

Have questions?

Give our friendly customer service team a call at 800-475-8466, or shoot us an email at We’re happy to help!

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