Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA)

Simple, Predictable, and Flexible Employer Health Plans

Providing health insurance to your employees can be expensive, complex and difficult for businesses to manage. But with the introduction of Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA), businesses of all sizes can now offer health insurance options to more employees than ever before.

What is ICHRA?

As an alternative to the traditional way of providing health insurance to employees, ICHRA allows any size employer to fund an account for each employee. Employees can then shop on the individual marketplace to buy a portable health plan that works best for them, meaning they can take the health plan with them if they leave.

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How Does ICHRA Work?

Businesses love how straightforward and streamlined ICHRA plans are to administer.

  • Meet with one of our administrative partners who can set up employee accounts and distribute the financial contributions to the accounts.
  • Employees select their own health plans and enroll independently.
  • Employees submit their proof of premium payment to the administrator, who then reimburses the employee.

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Employees Love Friday Health Plans

After getting set up on your ICHRA, tell your employees about Friday Health Plans. We provide wallet-friendly Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold health insurance plans* that employees trust. Our products are designed with simplicity and affordability in mind for people who buy their own health insurance.

  • $0 Unlimited Primary Care Visits
  • $0 Unlimited Mental Health Counseling¬† Visits¬†
  • $0 Teladoc Visits
  • No Doctor Referrals
  • Easy-to-Use Health Network

*Catastrophic and Bronze Basic plan not offered in New Mexico

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