December 9 2019

Your 2021 Health Plan Shopping Checklist

We know, we know. Shopping for health insurance is the worst. It’s daunting. Confusing. Distressing. And really boring.

But it’s pretty necessary, and the cutoff for open enrollment is coming up fast (December 15th if you get financially assistance and December 31st if you don’t). In other words, it’s time.

So, with the shot clock winding down, here’s a handy 6-step checklist to help you prioritize things. Main takeaway: If you can check off every item in here, then you’re ready to get insured for 2020.

Ready? Let’s do it.

Print this out and check those boxes ✓

  I’ve honestly assessed what healthcare services and drugs I’ll likely use for the next year. That is: doctor visits, generic drugs, urgent care visits, and specialist appointments. I now feel prepared to pick a plan that covers what I actually need, because the last thing I want is a pricey health plan with perks I’ll never use.

[This post will help you learn which plan is right for you]

 I’ve determined which level of plan I need based on my health needs: Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

[Click here to learn about all 4 plans]

 I’ve looked carefully at the services a plan covers BEFORE my deductible kicks in. Services like free doctor visits, free generic prescription drugs, and discounted urgent care visits would all be great.

 When evaluating health plans, I’ve checked out their health networks (the doctors and hospitals that have agreed to provide healthcare services at contracted rates for the plan’s members). Why? Because a health plan is really only as strong as its health network. And I really don’t want to drive 45-minutes to get a sore throat looked at.

[See our doctor and hospital search as an example]

 I’ve checked to see if I qualify for financial assistance on my premium payment.

[If your annual income is less than $47,000 you probably qualify. See here.]

 I’m under 30 and super healthy and want to spend the least possible amount of money on health insurance, so I’m seriously considering a Catastrophic Plan.

[Here’s a quick guideline for first-time health plan shoppers]

Good luck!

-The Friday Team

PS–Are you a Coloradan looking for a simple, easy-to-use plan? Get a quick quote.

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