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We think everyone should be able to live every day like it’s Friday, including Colorado’s small business community. Friday Health Plans offers a simple selection of plans for businesses as small as two employees. And employees can each pick the plan that works best for them, eliminating your challenge of picking one plan that tries to fit everyone.

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Small Group Contact List

Joe Blakely, Senior Sales Executive
Denver, Colorado Springs

Maria Vigil-Sisneros
Administration Supervisor
Broker appointments and commissions

Troy Norgren
Senior Account Executive
Metro Denver: Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior Northern Colorado: Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley

Tonni Kroschel
Associate Account Manager
Individual LoB support, Group quotes and renewals

Connie Scidmore, Account Executive
Southern Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Durango, Pagosa Springs, Grand Junction

Sheryl Briles-Thomson, VP of Sales


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2019 Health Plans Information
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Friday’s health plans include plenty of benefits before you pay a dime toward a deductible. So small businesses can afford to offer health insurance that employees can afford to use. Friday’s small business plans include:

* 3 primary care doctor visits for each member at $0 *

* $0 generic drugs with 4,500+ drugs available*

* $0 annual vision exam in the VSP vision network

* Colorado-based customer service and staff

* $45 Teladoc visits with a doctor online or by phone

* $75 urgent care visits*

*HSA plans must reach deductible first

2019 Small Group Health Plans
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can enrollees use their coverage before they receive their ID cards?

Customer Service can provide member ID #s and verify benefits.  Providers may call to verify eligibility. Enrollment in Friday Health Plan enrollment system must be completed otherwise member can pay for covered service(s) and submit claim for reimbursement.

When will ID cards be mailed and who are they mailed to?

ID Cards are generated for all enrollees and sent to main subscriber’s home within 10 days from the date the members are enrolled.

What if the information on the ID card is wrong?

Members can call Customer Service to correct information at 800-475-8466.

How can I get a temporary ID card?

Members can register for their Member portal and print a temporary ID card. Members can call Customer Service for a PDF version to be emailed.

Plan Administrators can contact their Account Manager or Customer Service.

What if an enrollee has an urgent care/emergency before they receive their ID card?

Contact Customer Service to verify benefits.  Member may be expected to make a good-faith payment before they are loaded in to the system.  Please keep receipt(s) to submit for reimbursement with claim form.

Can an enrollee get medication before they receive their ID card?

If a pharmacy is unable to verify eligibility, member should call  FHP Pharmacy Dept. 800-475-8466 #5 to verify enrollment and drug coverage.  FHP Pharmacy Rep will work directly with the pharmacy and member to determine any requirements according to the formulary, as well as with the PBM on enrollment. Member will then be informed if drug is covered, if any information is required from the provider, and if member should pay in full and submit for reimbursement.

If eligible and drug(s) are covered, keep receipt(s) for reimbursement in one of two ways:

Call the pharmacy and ask if they can view your new coverage. If so, return your receipt(s) within a reasonable time frame (commonly 72 hours but policies will vary) and request reimbursement per your plan benefit; or

Submit paper claim to FHP with receipt(s) for reimbursement.

Where should the group send future employee applications and terminations?

When will the client receive their first bill?

Binder payment is required with the submission of a new group.  The first bill will generate automatically upon completion of the group implementation.  Future bills generate automatically the first week of the month prior to the next month of coverage.  Binder check may not be reflected on the first bill.

How do members get deductible credit?

Prior carrier accumulation report or most recent EOB showing DED/OOP amounts met by each family member individually, regardless as to whether the current or prior plan was embedded or non-embedded.  EOBs may be submitted with the initial group submission or with the first claim, no later than 90-days after the initial FHP effective date to:

What are the payment options?

Check, credit/debit card, EFT/ACH

📞 Member Services


📞 Pharmacy Customer Service

800-475-8466 #5

📞 Employers


📞 Members


📞 Provider Check

800-475-8466 (or you can look up physicians here and check out the formulary here)


Provider Information
Small Group 2019 SBCs
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