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Big benefits for your small business

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We think everyone should be able to live every day like it’s Friday, including Colorado’s small business community. Friday Health Plans offers a simple selection of plans for businesses as small as two employees. And employees can each pick the plan that works best for them, eliminating your challenge of picking one plan that tries to fit everyone.

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Sheryl Briles-Thomson, VP of Sales

Connie Scidmore, Director of Sales/Sales Executive

Joe Blakely, Senior Sales Executive

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Friday’s health plans include plenty of benefits before you pay a dime toward a deductible. So small businesses can afford to offer health insurance that employees can afford to use. Friday’s small business plans include:

* 3 primary care doctor visits for each member at $0 *

* $0 generic drugs with 4,500+ drugs available*

* $0 annual vision exam in the VSP vision network

* Colorado-based customer service and staff

* $45 Teladoc visits with a doctor online or by phone

* $75 urgent care visits*

*HSA plans must reach deductible first

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