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Your employees are individuals who are all looking for different things in life and in their health insurance. With Friday, each member of your business can pick the plan that works best for them, eliminating your challenge of picking one plan for everyone. We offer our simple selection of plans for businesses as small as two employees, so go ahead and take a look.

The Friday Silver Plans are great for your group if you see the doctor a few times a year for some basic stuff. Our Silver Plans come in three forms, including Standard, RX Copay and an HSA option.

Benefits of our Silver HSA Group Plan include:

Savings for Future Medical Expenses

Money put into your HSA builds interest and can be used tax-free for qualified medical expenses.

No “Use It or Lose It”

Rollover your unused dollars from one year to the next, without worrying about forfeiting your money.

$0 Teladoc Visits

Go to the doctor without leaving your home or spending a cent.

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Individual Deductible/Family


Individual Max Out of Pocket/Family


Annual Wellness Visit


Primary Care Visit

30% after Deductible

Mental Health Visit

30% after Deductible

Specialist Visit

30% after Deductible


$0 per Visit

Urgent Care Visit

$75 after Deductible

X-ray and Imaging

30% after Deductible

Chiropractor (20 Visits per year)

$40 per Visit

Inpatient Stay

30% after Deductible

Emergency Room

50% after Deductible

Preventive ACA Drugs Drugs


Preferred Generic Drugs

$0 after Deductible

Preferred Brand Drugs

30% after Deductible

Non-Preferred Generic Drugs/Brand

50% after Deductible

Specialty Drugs

50% after Deductible

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Other Small Group Plans

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What Our Members Are Saying

“For me, Friday Health Care has been a near-perfect fit.”


“Friday stands out to me because of the three free visits with the catastrophe plan.”


“Great customer service.”

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