April 14 2020

Ways to help front line workers in Colorado

While many of us hunker down at home, front line workers at hospitals are working around the clock to battle COVID-19. Many communities across the country have been searching for ways to help front line workers and show their support. From people in New York City applauding hospital staff during the 7 p.m. shift change to closed restaurants donating meals, there have been many heartwarming stories of ways communities are expressing gratitude to medical workers.

Want to help front line workers near you and show your gratitude? Here are ways to help medical workers in Colorado:

Feed hospital employees

During this time of crisis, many hospital employees may not have the time plan and find meals during their shifts. Many fundraisers have been set up across the country to help feed the front line.

Here are ways to feed front line workers in Colorado:

Help frontline workers get protective gear

Medical facilities are running short of medical supplies, and many medical professionals are trying to find ways to stay protected. Masks and hospital gowns are some of the most wanted items right now.

Help protect front line workers in Colorado by:

Donate Blood 

With closed businesses and canceled blood drives, the blood supply across the country is facing a shortage, including in Colorado.

Here are ways to donate blood in Colorado (be sure to look at guidelines before you decide to donate blood to make sure it’s right for you):

Feeding front line workers also supports local small businesses and the communities they are in. Find out how Friday is supporting local businesses in Alamosa, Colorado during COVID-19.

Stay home

One of the best ways to help front line workers is to stay home. Follow the Colorado stay-at-home order and social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you are not feeling well, stay home and self-isolate. If you need medical guidance, ask your doctor for a telehealth appointment. Friday members can also use Teladoc to speak with a doctor by phone or video 24/7 at no cost. Doctors can answer member’s questions about the coronavirus, evaluate their health risk, and support members to help relieve symptoms

Even if you may not feel sick or have symptoms, staying home will help prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed and protect these workers and their families.

Know of other ways to help front line workers in Colorado? Share your ideas below!


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