May 9 2019

Your Friday Health Plan After Hitting Your Deductible

Already hit your deductible for 2019? Here’s a silver lining to using your insurance card so much this year: You now pay either $0 (for all Catastrophic and Bronze plans) or 20% (for all Silver and Gold plans) of the cost of healthcare services.

And we’re here to help you make the most of your plan for the rest of 2019.

We’re not saying you should go crazy with dozens of specialist visits and big surgeries you don’t really need. But now that you’ve reached your deductible, the following services will be more wallet-friendly than they were earlier this year.

Remember, these services are only covered if you stay in the Friday network and if they’re medically necessary. Always check our provider lookup before seeing a healthcare facility, hospital, or doctor, and call us if you have questions about eligibility.

Specialist visits

If you’ve been meaning to get looked at by a specialist, now might be a good, cost-effective time to do it. Think: a dermatologist visit to get those weird moles checked out; a physical therapist visit to rehab that bad knee; visits with a behavioral health therapist. There’s no time like the present.

Hospital visits and surgeries

Chances are if you’re getting a big surgery done, you’ll hit your deductible. You’ll probably reach your out-of-pocket maximum too. Check the details of your plan or call our customer service team to see how you’re covered by your plan.

Most importantly, make sure both the hospital where you’re receiving the surgery and the team of doctors performing the surgery are in the Friday network. The last thing you want is a colossal medical bill because you received an out-of-network procedure.

Also, be sure the surgery is pre-approved by Friday Health Plans. This sounds really obvious, but the surgery must be deemed medically necessary beforehand or else it won’t be covered.

As always, if you, your doctor, or hospital have any questions, please reach out to our customer service team. We’re here to help you get the medical care you need!

X-rays and diagnostic imaging

Once you hit your deductible, x-rays and diagnostic imaging will be way more wallet-friendly as long as these tests and screenings are pre-approved and in the Friday network.

The tests must also be ordered by an in-network doctor. Be sure to check with our customer service team before getting any tests done.

If you get an out-of-network test, you could get slammed with a big medical bill. For reference, the average cost of a brain CT scan is $1,200, so be sure to check that your test is covered first!

For Catastrophic and Bronze plan members:

If you’ve hit your deductible on the Catastrophic plan, here’s the good news: Your portion for all in-network healthcare services is now $0. Yep, that means urgent care visits, all drugs, specialist visits, behavioral health, hospital visits, and more will all be $0.

But remember, these services must be deemed medically necessary and pre-approved by Friday Health Plans or else they won’t be covered. If you have questions about about your plan, services, or benefits, reach out to our customer service team:  800-475-8466 or

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