April 17 2018

What’s an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

What’s an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a statement you get from your health insurance company after you receive healthcare. It is not a bill. It explains which medical treatments and services you received, how much of it was covered by your Friday health plan, and how much you may owe.

Remember, an EOB shows what you may owe your provider, not your health insurance company. Always wait for the invoice from your doctor or healthcare facility before paying for services.

How do I see my EOB?

You can view your EOB on the Friday Health Plans member portal. It’s a handy tool to track your claims all in one place. If you have trouble registering for your portal or understanding your claims, please reach out to our customer service team. We’re happy to help!

How is an EOB helpful to me?

An EOB breaks down your healthcare costs in a comprehensive way. It lays out how much your care would have cost without coverage, how much you were actually charged (doctors offer a discount for Friday Health Plans members) and how Friday contributed to the charge based on the type of health plan you have.

It also contains good-to-know information about your health plan’s deductible, the services you received, the date the services were performed, and the dates the services were covered.

Review your EOBs, and if you are surprised or concerned by anything you see, please give us a call for help. We’ll work with you to find out what happened and see if we can re-submit a claim to your provider if things don’t add up.

Big note: You do not pay anything upon receiving your EOB. In fact, in some cases you may owe nothing (if you already paid your copay at the doctor’s office, for example). Either way, you’ll receive a bill directly from your provider and that is when you pay.

As always, if you have any questions about your plan, benefits, or services, please call our Colorado-based customer service team:  800-475-8466

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