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If your group tends to give insurance cards a good workout (and don't mind paying for a lower deductible), a Gold Group Plan may be the way to go. These plans have our highest premium per month, but our lowest deductible, which makes them well worth it for anyone who is planning on getting the most out of their health insurance. Our Gold Plans come in both a Standard and Rx Copay option.

Benefits of our Gold Rx Copay Plan include:

$20 Primary Care and Mental Health Visits

Get unlimited visits, each for less than the price of a pizza.

$0 Teladoc Visits

Go to the doctor without leaving your home or spending a cent.

$0 Generic Drugs

No more surprises at the pharmacy.

Our Lowest Deductible

If a low deductible is your priority, this is your plan.

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Deducible Individual/Familiar


Límite Máximo De Gastos De Bolsillo Individual/Familiar


Consulta Anual De Bienestar


Consulta De Atención Primaria

$20 por consulta

Consulta De Salud Mental

$20 por consulta

Consulta A Especialistas

$40 por consulta


$0 por consulta

Consulta De Atención De Urgencia

$75 por consulta

Radiografías E Imágenes

20% después del deducible

Atención Quiropráctica (20 Consultas Por Año)

$40 por consulta

Estadía De Pacientes Hospitalizados

20% después del deducible

Sala De Emergencias

50% después del deducible

Medicamentos Preventivos Según La Ley De Cuidado De Salud Asequible (Aca)


Medicamentos Genéricos Preferidos


Medicamentos De Marca Preferidos

Copago de hasta $250

Medicamentos Genéricos/De Marca No Preferidos

Copago de hasta $350

Medicamentos Especializados

Copago de hasta $685

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Otros planes para grupos pequeños

  • Bronze

    If your group is generally healthy, this is generally a good pick.

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  • Silver

    Our Silver Plans have a deductible that is significantly lower than our Bronze plans. This is great for groups looking for additional coverage.

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"¡Los medicamentos genéricos gratuitos fueron una gran ventaja para nosotros!"

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