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4 Reasons you should start Meal Planning

We have been all been there. You are starving, and you end up getting take-out, and before you know it, you are in a food coma.

Cooking after a long day is the last thing most people want to do. We get that! Who has the energy to cook all week? Not to mention cleaning all those dishes afterward.

While the thought of meal planning can be a struggle for many, resorting to take-out can be bad for your waistline and wallet. There are many advantages of planning out your meals, including eating healthier and saving some cash.

Not sure if you are ready to commit to meal prepping? Here are some tips to help you to consider making meal planning part of your routine.

Eat healthier 

When we are feeling hungry or hangry 😉, we tend to grab the easiest thing. It is often is fast food or snacks that are packed with sugar. By planning out your meals, you can make meals that are more healthy and have more nutrients. People who spend more time meal prepping are more likely to have healthier diets and be less overweight. You will avoid the temptation of getting something fast and the crash that comes with overeating.

Going to the grocery store and grabbing whatever you think looks tasty can not only be costly but can lead to food waste. By planning out your meals for the week, you will be able to know how much food you will need and avoid finding that old lettuce or whittled apple in the back of the fridge you forgot about. Yuck! 

Save time

By having meals planned out, you can finish a long day of work and have food ready for you at dinner time! Or be prepared to head out to work in the morning without having to scramble and pack a lunch. You can even plan ahead, freeze meals, and have them ready when you know you have a busy week coming up. Not only will you save time by cooking less, think of the time you spend doing all those dishes you usually wash afterward. You will get that time back in your day and spend less time stressing about your next meal.

Happier wallet

Eating well does not need to cost you a fortune. Meal prepping can help you know how much to buy and will help you avoid impulse shopping at the store-you know snacks I am talking about 😊. Try buying the foods that are on sale and browse the ads section at your local store before you shop. Having your meals planned out will help you avoid going online and setting up that delivery for dinner. You will save more money on groceries and avoid doing those impulsive take-out orders.

Ready to get started? Set a day plan everything out, including what you will eat the rest of the week and create a shopping list. If you are not sure if meal prep is right for you, start small and plan for a few meals a week. Try using a meal prepping app like Mealime or Paprika. These apps can help you plan out your meals and create a shopping list for you.

Not only will meal planning help you be healthier and save money, but you will also pick up some excellent cooking skills along the way! Check out SkinnytasteTwo Peas and Their Pod, and Kitchn for some inspiration.

As always, please give email the Friday Care Crew with any questions about your plan: