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Friday Feature: Brewmaster Josh Cody

Here at Friday, we have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to health and wellness: Happy = Healthy.

We’re not here to tell you how many steps you should be taking on a given day, or how many calories you should eat each week. That’s not really our game. We’re here to give you simple, friendly health insurance and great customer service, so you can live every day like it’s Friday.

And, every now and then, we’re here to celebrate people we admire who embody That Friday Feeling.

Today we’re celebrating Coloradan, Josh Cody. Josh is the Co-Founder and Brewmaster of the Colorado Farm Brewery based out of Alamosa, CO. We partnered with Josh and his team to brew the first official Friday beer, the Friday Fall Amber Ale.

Enjoy our interview with Josh Cody below.

How is The Colorado Farm Brewery different from your typical brewing company?

We are using ingredients grown onsite.

Our grain, hops, yeast and water are all from our property. Plus, the taproom is on the family farm. It is real authentic farm beer!

What do you love most about running your own brewery?

Honestly, the independence.

Trying new and exciting recipes and unique historical styles is like a dream come true. Working so closely with the customers, hearing their opinions and discussing the beers helps me to react and make beers people like while using our our estate ingredients.

Tell us something you’ve learned as a brewmaster that would surprise people

People’s openness to different beers. For many years I thought people just wanted the beers they were used to, but now, I have learned that many people want something new and different. This has been a pleasant surprise:)

What makes you most proud about being a business owner in the San Luis Valley?

I love the thought that I am improving the quality of my neighbors’ lives.

Life is hard and everyone is working long hours with lots of stress. It is my pleasure to offer them a safe and calm escape from the industrial world. The Farm is like a clinic and the Amber Ale is a damn fine tonic for some piece of mind.

How would you describe the Friday Fall Amber Ale?

This beer is a culmination of multiple recipes and unique malts. We brewed a few different beers on style to try and see what people like. Our Brown was a success but in my opinion lacked the uniqueness that our beer requires. In house we created a custom malt just for this beer. We brewed it to an exact amber color with the right malt body for such a one-of-a-kind beer. The malt is really what makes it special.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Friday (the day of the week)?

A cold Friday Amber enjoyed on the Farm ;)

Questions or concerns? Reach out to the friendly Friday Care Crew today!