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Importance of Regular Doctor Visits and Check-Ups

Did you know that Catastrophic plans come three free doctor visits in addition to your yearly wellness exam? What does this mean for you? From nagging knee pain to a never-ending head cold, you can visit your primary care doctor three times a year without having to open your wallet. Many people incorrectly believe that primary care providers (usually a doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse) are limited in how they can help you. But think again! Here are five reasons to take advantage of your three free doctor visits.

1) Everyday health needs

Are you feeling more fatigued than usual? Fighting a lingering cold? Your primary care doctor is the point person that can help you with a wide range of concerns, including allergies, women’s health guidance, infections, and more. They regularly see a spectrum of conditions and have the experience to help guide you through all types of health matters. And they can help you find the specialists you need if you have a more serious problem.

2) Mental health

Feeling anxious or depressed and not sure where to get help? You don’t always need to see a psychologist. Your primary care doctor can help you navigate through mental health concerns, including assessing how your day to day life is impacting your mental health, prescribing medication, and helping you find specialized support if needed.

3) Catch health issues early

By visiting your doctor periodically, you’ll develop a stronger relationship with your doctor, which will build your medical history and might help you to detect health issues in their early stages. Your insurance also covers all your preventive tests (most at no cost to you), and your primary care doctor will keep you on track with those.

4) Manage your chronic health conditions

Having a chronic health condition can be frustrating and overwhelming, but your primary doctor is a vital resource. Primary care doctors guide you through chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and acid reflux. They’ll also help you with medications and day-to-day management, so you can worry less and get on with your life.

5) Lower medical costs

By communicating more with your doctor about health concerns, seeking help early on can prevent an expensive visit to the ER. Regular screenings and keeping a current health record can help you lower your healthcare costs down the road.  Keep your wallet happy and connect with your primary care doctor early on.

Ready to use one of your three free visits? Find a primary care doctor near you in the Friday network.

As always, if you have any questions about your plan, services, or benefits, please contact our Friday Care Crew.

*Not included with HSA plans.