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  • ICHRA Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements let employers fund an account for each employee.
  • Low Income SEP Plans for those who qualify as low-income individuals and families and qualify for a subsidy.
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Health Insurance 101
We’ve outlined everything you need to know before diving into the health insurance shopping period.


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  • Glossary Insurance terms, made simple. Definitions of common phrases that are important to know for understanding health insurance coverage
  • FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about eligibility, enrollment, member support and more
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The Friday Rundown

Are your kids up to date on their vaccines?

In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, we’re outlining all of the shots and immunizations that come free with your Friday Health Plan.

All Friday health plans have access to a wide-range of vaccines to help keep your kid in ship-shape year-round. You can get these done at your pediatrician’s office or through a Friday pharmacy. Chickenpox (Varicella) Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP) Haemophilus influenza type b Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Human Papillomavirus

The Right Level of Care for Every Situation

*Catastrophic Plans come with three free visits in addition to your annual wellness exam.
**Covers counseling visits only. For members aged 18+.
***$0 counseling visits for many plans on Silver, Gold, and some Bronze plans.


When it comes to finding the best possible care, we believe people should have a range of quality, wallet-friendly options to choose from for every unique situation. It’s essential to remember that the care level you get should correspond with your health needs. For example, going to the emergency room is only for true emergencies and

Pros cons of healthcare sharing ministries.

Hey there, Friday members. We have an important message during this Special Enrollment Period, as you shop for health insurance, it's important to know you are getting the real deal. Knowing the difference between Health-Care-Sharing Ministries and genuine health insurance coverage could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of uncertainty. Here's what you need to know before enrolling in a plan.

Health Care-Sharing Ministries (HCSM)  Need more help navigating the health insurance market? Watch our shopping for health insurance video.

Friday Diabetes Care Benefits and Coverage

Diabetes is a significant problem in the United States, affecting one in ten or 37.3 million people. One in five people who have diabetes don’t even know they have it. You or someone you know, or love could already struggle with this condition.

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) disease that limits the body's ability to regulate blood glucose (or blood sugar) levels through insulin production. This inability can lead to heart, blood vessels, eye, kidney, and nerve damage. People without diabetes can naturally produce and regulate the insulin levels in their

Why is health insurance important


Buying health insurance is something that may not be on top of everyone’s minds. It is a common misconception that not everyone needs it or it is only available through an employer. Young people or people who are confident in their health may feel like they are in their prime and do not need to buy it. So, who needs health insurance?

What to Know about 0 Deductible Health Insurance

Let’s face it, shopping for health insurance is confusing and often frustrating. It doesn’t help that there seem to be a million plans on the Exchange to choose from. Friday Health Plans offers $0 Deductible plans, and you may see other companies offering similar plans. Here's what you need to know about $0 deductible plans versus regular deductible plans and what you might consider when thinking about the best plan for you or your family:

$0 Deducible Plans have Higher Premiums You’ll pay more in premium every month for the $0 deductible plan. You’re automatically spending more money over the course of a year. A la Carte vs. Combo Meal With $0 Deductible coverage, you pay per service (such as bloodwork and visit cost) like buying an a la carte meal. Plans withThink of it