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  • ICHRA Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements let employers fund an account for each employee.
  • Low Income SEP Plans for those who qualify as low-income individuals and families and qualify for a subsidy.
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The Friday Rundown

Health Insurance Benefits to Keep You Healthy and Sexy

Don't worry, we're not going to launch into a whole birds and the bees talk here. As autonomous adults, you're well aware of how to have safe -- and, hopefully, great -- sex.

But we are here to tell you about all the free benefits you get with your Friday health plan to stay healthy and sexy year-round. Get $0 birth control

4 Reasons to Garden this Spring

Springtime means getting outside and soaking up the sun and enjoying the first days of warm weather. It also a great time to start working on your garden.

The benefits of gardening are more than just planting healthy foods or pretty flowers. It can be fun, rewarding, and bring happiness and health benefits. Growing vegetables and fruit can help you develop better-eating habits! Only one out of 10 American adults eat the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables per day. Gardening allows you

Guide: How To Eat Healthy on a Budget : : {}

Guest blog post from Sondermind by Jolene Conway Clatterbuck LPC, MNT Are you are ready to eat in a way that supports your physical and mental health? Then you probably know there is a strong connection between nutrition and your overall wellness, and understand the dietary strategies you can implement.

Why Going Outside is So Good For You

Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, and it's warming up. It's the perfect time of year to get outside.

Going outside boasts amazing benefits for your physical health and well-being. Even better, the research shows most of these perks start accruing at 120 minutes a week. That’s just about 17 minutes a day! Going outside boasts other mental health perks, too. The soothing sounds of nature can decrease blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol.

How To Adjust to Las Vegas HEAT While Staying Hydrated

It doesn't matter how long you’ve lived in Vegas; whether you’re a longtime local or a new arrival, surviving the Las Vegas summer heat can be a struggle. And even though we tend to make plenty of jokes about it being a dry heat, the soaring temperatures can actually pose a very real danger. 

This year, we’ve already seen our city hit record highs that go well above 100 degrees. It’s been extremely hot so far this summer, and it won’t be cooling off anytime soon. Staying cool - and staying safe - is a must. But unfortunately, many of the common warning signs of heat-related illness can be easy to miss. It’s not uncommon for people

6 Deliciously Simple Breakfast Ideas Your Family Will Love

The cold and holiday season are here! We know things are a little crazy right now, and the whole family will need to be sure to eat a full, healthy breakfast to keep up with the busy time of year.

A few things to consider when selecting cereal for your kids: Try to find a whole grain base (ideally the cereal will be entirely whole grain). Steer clear of high fructose corn syrup and limit the amount of added sugars (some of these numbers might surprise you). Check the sodium content, fiber intake, and serving sizes (which can be