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  • ICHRA Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements let employers fund an account for each employee.
  • Low Income SEP Plans for those who qualify as low-income individuals and families and qualify for a subsidy.
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The Friday Rundown

14 Family-Friendly Activities to do this Spring

With warmer weather on the rise, why not take advantage of some fun activities in the sun? No matter where you live, you should be able to take advantage of a few of things like taking a walk in the park and watching the stars.

Go outside to a local park or in your backyard and play. Enjoy the weather and get some vitamin D. Into crafts? Birdhouses are an affordable item you can create while giving back to the wildlife in your neighborhood. You can also leave out things like sticks, grass, leaves, and more! Make sure you research what bird species are around and use

Why a Quick Yoga Routine Should be Part of Your Day

Do you wake up with back pain? Or do you often find your neck getting tight as you work throughout the day? Ugh, the worst.

With so many people juggling multiple hats these days, it can be hard to take a break and find time to do some self-care, including finding ways to relax and workout. But what if you could do both in only 10-20 minutes? Try adding a quick yoga routine to your day! Adding yoga to your daily routine could help get that good night’s rest you have

Friday Health Plan Perks for Children


There’s nothing more worrisome than seeing your little one get sick. As parents, all we want is for them to get back to their happy, healthy selves. And we’ll do just about anything to get them the care they need. Fortunately, we’ve designed our plans to include free essential health benefits for children from birth to age 18. From visits with the

The Health Benefits of Reading

"If you’re looking for some magic in your life, open up a book.” — Unknown

5) Reading May Help You Live Longer  A study done by Yale researchers studied 3,635 people over the age of 50 for 12 years and found that people who read for at least 3.5 hours a week lived 23 months longer than those who did not read. Three and a half hours of reading a week comes down to just 30 minutes a day! Why not give it a

Your Sinus Infection Survival Guide

For many of us, the fall and weather winter also means coughs, nagging headaches, and runny noses. Yuck!  While many times these symptoms are caused by the common cold, they could also signal something more serious: a sinus infection. Don't worry, though -- we’re here to help you stay healthy this fall and winter! Here is a handy guide to help prevent a sinus infection, and a rundown on how to get cost-effective treatment with your Friday health plan if you get hit with a sinus bug.

Stay hydrated Not feeling better? Schedule an appointment and visit your doctor for free*. Don't have a primary care doctor yet? Find one near you through the Friday doctor search.

Who Can Benefit from Going to Therapy?

Guest blog post from Sondermind by Theo Gagen.

When a person considers finding a therapist, there are many factors that might hold them back. Between financial cost, scheduling concerns, and the difficulty of even finding a therapist in your area to begin with, many people avoid the search altogether to save themselves time and stress. Relationships come with their own challenges though as