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August 15 2019

Introducing our new partner: Buddy

Hey there Friday members! You know we have you covered for your free doctor visits, generic drugs, and in case you ever get really sick or injured. But for those of you adventure seekers who take it to the next level, it might be worth adding an extra layer of insurance to your travels and adventures. Meet our new […]

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August 8 2019

Friday’s Back to School Healthcare Guide

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Summer break’s coming to an end. School’s just around the corner. And after ten weeks of a relatively relaxed summer schedule, things are becoming really freakin’ hectic again.  On top of that, you’ve got to worry about your kids (or you) getting sick. With new classmates and new […]

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July 29 2019

Your On-Demand Urgent Care Options

I’m feeling sick but don’t want to wait a week to see my primary care doctor. What are my other options?    Sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather!  But here’s the good news: you have a few easy, cost-effective options to get help fast: Talk to a doctor with Teladoc. As an extra […]

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