August 15 2019

Introducing our new partner: Buddy

Hey there Friday members! You know we have you covered for your free doctor visits, generic drugs, and in case you ever get really sick or injured. But for those of you adventure seekers who take it to the next level, it might be worth adding an extra layer of insurance to your travels and adventures.

Meet our new partner,  BUDDY, on-demand accident insurance for your active life. You can buy Buddy for a day, a month, or a year. It’s insurance that goes above and beyond, protecting you for a period of time when you’re out there going big (read: skiing out of bounds, summiting that mountain, or competing in that adventure race).

Buddy benefits are paid directly to you and you can use that cash where you need it, like paying uncovered medical bills or replacing gear.  And as partners with Buddy, all Friday members enjoy 10% off for policy periods of a week or longer by using the code FRIDAY.

Policies start at only $9.72 for a day with up to $50,000 in coverage, so you can get the insurance that fits you best.

Why Do You Need Accident Insurance?

A major injury may still have a big impact even though you already have health insurance. You could be hitting your maximum out of pocket amount on your insurance plan or have other expenses like damaged gear, extra childcare, or missed work.  With protection from Buddy, you can worry less about the cost of an accident and focus on what you love doing most.

Buddy operates independently from Friday Health Plans. It does not come with your Friday plan or impact your health plan’s deductible, benefits, or services. But, as a Friday member, you are provided 10% off for policy periods of a week or longer from Buddy Insurance. Enjoy!

As always, if you have any questions about your plan, benefits, or services, give our friendly Colorado-based customer service team a call at: 800-475-8466

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