Your Free Mental Health Resources at Friday

In a recent poll, 53% of Americans reported that COVID-19 is negatively impacting their mental health. Whether its financial responsibilities or the uncertainty of everyday life, you and your family may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or isolated right now.

Regardless of what you’re going through, know that we’ve got your mental game covered at Friday Health Plans in 2021. Mental health is an essential healthcare priority, and we cover it just like your physical health, with a network of great specialists and unlimited $0 healthcare resources.

Below we’ve included a quick outline of everything included in the Friday mental health network for next year. If you have any questions or are confused by anything, please email our friendly Friday Care Crew at  We’re here to help!

Unlimited $0 in-network mental health visits

Put that wallet away. We believe in caring for your body AND your brain. That's why we will offer $0 therapy visits for many plans on Silver, Gold and Bronze Plus or Rx Plans.*

We’ve put together a network of excellent mental health experts in your community, including licensed therapists, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and more. You can either connect with your primary care doctor for a referral, or find a mental health professional who fits your needs through the Friday Mental Health Resources page.

Please be sure to check your 2021 plan benefits and that your mental health professional is in the Friday network, so you can keep your cost at $0.

*Counseling services only.

$0 virtual therapy visits for all plans using Teladoc

Given the strange times we’re living through and the challenge of COVID-19, we have prioritized $0 virtual therapy visits for all Friday plans using Teladoc, a telehealth service that allows you to speak with a doctor by phone, web, or mobile app 24/7 starting in 2021.

Click here to talk to a licensed therapist online or on your phone, anytime you want, for free.

No referrals needed

No delays, no headaches while trying to set up an appointment. Simply call your mental health provider’s office and schedule your next visit. This applies to all mental health professionals in the Friday network.

Would you prefer to talk with someone virtually? Many of these providers can be accessed remotely through telehealth services. Be sure to ask ahead of time.

Find out what other mental health resources are available near you.

How to get started

Getting help for mental health can be daunting, especially if it's your first time speaking with a professional. Please know that we have a network of experienced and compassionate mental health experts who are here to talk to you. To get started, visit the Friday Mental Health Resources page, find a specialist that best fits your needs, and schedule a consultation.

Not sure what plan you will purchase? Be sure to review what mental health resources are available by reviewing the plans page.

We encourage you to use your 2021 mental health resources during these strange, stressful times and beyond.  And, as always, please email our Friday Care Crew at We’re here to help make things simple and easy for you to get started!


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