Your 2022 Friday Plan Guide

The Open Enrollment Period is here, and since you’ve landed on the Friday website, there’s a pretty good chance you’re shopping for your 2022 health plan. You might have heard about Friday Health Plans and wondered if one of our plans might be right for you.

We know shopping for insurance is definitely not your typical shopping experience. So many jargony insurance terms and abbreviations -- it’s hard to know where to even start. Before you dive further into the process, Friday is here to help simplify things with an easy-to-follow guide of our plans.

At Friday, we’ve worked to make your choice simple with four basic plan levels: Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Below we’ve outlined each one of these plans and the services and benefits they provide.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to the Friday Care Crew at This stuff can be tricky, and we’re here to help! Even if you don't choose Friday Health Plans, we're here to help you understand and have an easy shopping process.

Catastrophic Plan*** (The “Just in Case” Plan)

Perfect for someone like Kat who just turned 26 and left her parents health plan
  • Basic coverage for those under 30 and often comes with a pretty nice price tag!
  • Comes with 3 free in-network primary care visits, and that’s after your annual wellness visit
  • Great for someone who goes to their doctor for their annual checkup and when they are feeling lousy  
  • Coverage in case of, well, a catastrophe
  • A good option for someone who has kids but does not want to break to the bank by adding them to their employers’ plan
  • Get more details about the Catastrophic Plan

Bronze Plans (The “Better Covered Than Not” Plan)

The Bronze Plan is a great option for someone like Brad who is a healthy guy, aside from an unexpected health hiccup last year.
  • Great for those who are pretty healthy and aren’t expecting major surgeries
  • Basic, ironclad coverage without having to break the bank
  • Some Bronze plans come with unlimited $0 in-network primary care* and mental health visits**. They are:
    • Bronze RX Copay (Colorado only)
    • Bronze Plus Copay (Colorado only)
    • Bronze Plus (Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia)
    • Bronze Plus plans in New Mexico are $20 per visit for in-network primary care and mental health visits.
  • Learn more about the Bronze Plans.

Silver Plan (The “More Coverage, Fewer Problems” Plan)

A Silver Plan is a great option for someone like Silvia who doesn’t want to worry about copays at the doctor’s office, and likes of a lower deductible
  • Great if you see the primary care doctor a few times a year and are willing to pay a little more each month to have a lower deductible
  • Get peace of mind with unlimited $0 in-network primary care* and mental health visits**. Because you don’t need to worry about copays with klutzy kids and quarantine stress.
  • Get access affordable drugs. View the formulary here.
  • Check out what the Silver Plans offer.

Gold Plans (The “I Know My Physician’s Middle Name” Plan)

A Gold Plan is perfect for someone like Gordon who likes having a low deductible and big benefits
  • Great plan if you tend to give your health insurance card a good workout
  • Gold Plans have higher monthly premiums but are well worth it for anyone who needs a lower deductible (think: multiple doctor visits, specialist appointments, or upcoming medical procedures)
  • You’ll appreciate $0 in-network primary* and mental health visits**.
  • Access to affordable drugs. Check out the formulary.
  • The peace of mind to use your plan as much as you need to, since you’ll hit that low deductible in no time
  • Find out more about Gold Plans.

Benefits that Come with All Plans

  • Not a fan of the waiting room? We don’t blame you. That’s why every Friday health plan comes with $0 virtual doctor visits through Teladoc.
  • Mental health is an essential healthcare priority; that’s why Friday Health Plans offers $0 mental health visits* through Teladoc**** on all plans in 2022.
  • Essential ACA benefits, including $0 annual wellness visits, ACA-covered drugs, and vaccines. This includes flu shots and prescriptions such as $0 birth control.
  • All plans include free annual vision exams.

We hope this helps simplify the health insurance shopping experience for you. Need more help navigating the health insurance market? Watch our shopping for health insurance video.

Get a quote online or speak with one of our Care Crew members at

*Per ACA guidelines, if your doctor does additional tests or provides treatments, you may have additional costs
**Covers counseling visits only

***This plan is not available in New Mexico
****$0 Teladoc Mental Health Appointments only apply to members age 18+


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