Why a Quick Yoga Routine Should be Part of Your Day

Do you wake up with back pain? Or do you often find your neck getting tight as you work throughout the day? Ugh, the worst.

With so many people juggling multiple hats these days, it can be hard to take a break and find time to do some self-care, including finding ways to relax and workout. But what if you could do both in only 10-20 minutes? Try adding a quick yoga routine to your day!

Yoga is a great way to build strength, stretch, and it can help you relax. You can find a wide variety of classes online, from 10-20 minutes, when you are short on time. People of all skill levels can benefit from yoga, even those who are not super flexible.

Here are five reasons you should incorporate yoga into your day-to-day life, even if it just a short amount of time.

Decrease your stress

Yoga is a known remedy for stress. The combination of exercise and learning how to control your breath can help you clear your mind and relax. According to a national survey, 85% of people who practiced yoga said it helped them relieve stress. While exercise overall can be a stress reliever, yoga combines physical fitness with self-awareness. Yoga also teaches you to be non-judgmental towards yourself and others, helping you relieve stress from being hard on yourself and dealing with daily life. 

Curb those aches and pain

One of the best benefits of practicing yoga is easing your aches and pain. If you work on your feet or at a desk, everyone experiences aches and pain from time to time. Many yoga poses and sequences can help you with knee pain, back pain, hip pain, shoulder painand help people with chronic pain issues. However, if you are experiencing a lot of pain, it is good to speak with your doctor before practicing yoga. 

Yoga can also improve poor posture, which is often a major culprit of back pain, neck, and shoulder pain. 

Help you get a good night’s sleep

Adding yoga to your daily routine could help get that good night’s rest you have been needing. A national survey found that over 55% of people who did yoga before they went to bed had a better night’s sleep. Some poses and movements can help you sleep better because their breathing patterns can help you relax and fall asleep faster. Ready to add yoga to your nighttime routine? Try these poses

You can do it whenever

Don’t have much extra time in the day? Try doing yoga either first thing in the morning or the evening before bed. Have a short mid-day break? Try doing a quick routine around lunch. Spend a lot of time at night scrolling on your phone? Try taking a break and doing yoga instead (your back and neck will thank you too).

It’s affordable

Doing a quick yoga routine can be easy and does not require you to join a club. Go online and find some routines on YouTube--any great Yoga instructors offer many videos for free. View a full list of great instructors with a large collection of free videos here. Create a playlist and plan out a few days! You could even take your phone or laptop outside for a change of scenery.

While 10 or 20 minutes may not seem like much, doing a little bit of yoga every day will help you be more energized, help relieve some of your aches and pain, clear your mind, and be kind yourself. 🧘 

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