Pedaling Towards Better Health

About 52% of Americans have access to a bicycle at home. You might have one lying around in your garage, hanging on your apartment wall, or tucked away somewhere. Biking has many great purposes: endless hours of entertainment for kiddos, transportation for work, hitting trails, exploring your neighborhood, and more. Besides being just plain enjoyable, biking can help you better your overall health. Here’s how!

Getting in Shape

Biking can help you get in shape while also providing a change of scenery. You can tailor your ride to your current fitness level and take a leisurely ride through the park. One study suggested that folks who cycle often or use cycling as part of their physical activities are typically fitter than people who do other exercises.

Manage Weight

Making cycling part of your routine can help you lose or manage your weight. Getting your bike helps you burn calories, build muscle, and boost your metabolism.

Your Heart and Lungs Will Thank You

Getting out on a bike improves your heart health and lung capacity while also reducing the risk of certain diseases and conditions. When you move your body, it raises your heart rate and aids in improving cardiovascular function for your heart and lungs. Improving this function can help you fight against sickness and disease.

Build Your Balance and Coordination

Riding a bike takes balance and coordination. No matter your age, it’s great to improve these functions to increase your general stability and keep your system in top shape. This is also a terrific way to cope with an aging body and prevent falls in your future!

Low Impact Option

Unlike running, cycling is a low-impact way to exercise. It’s easy on your body and provides a gentle alternative to give your joints a break. Biking is an excellent workout if you have had a knee or hip problem.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Taking time to bike can help you sleep better. Getting active is linked to brain health which in return makes it easier to catch those Zzzs.

Clear Your Mind

Cycling doesn’t just help your body – it helps your mind! Exercising can help depression and anxiety. Improve your mental health by taking up activities such as biking.

Biking is an amazing pastime to do consistently or as an occasional hobby. You can bike alone or with family, friends, or other bike enthusiasts. We hope you can get outside and enjoy some time on the old bicycle soon. What do you enjoy most about biking?

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