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January 23 2018

YOUR Questions Answered: January 2018

Health insurance can be pretty darn tricky. And so, not so surprisingly, our Colorado-based customer […]

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November 20 2017

Hey Freelancers – We Made Health Plans For You

What’s up, Freelancers? Permission to skip the formalities? Awesome.  If you’re reading this, then shopping […]

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November 7 2017

A Millennial’s Guide to Buying a Health Plan

Let’s be real. No one actually likes buying health insurance. For lots of people, it’s […]

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November 1 2017

Health Insurance and Taxes

Alright, so we realize that health insurance news doesn’t exactly drive most people mad with […]

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November 1 2017

So You’re Thinking About Going Uninsured, Eh?

We heard you’re a very healthy gal / guy. That stomach bug your friends got […]

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October 27 2017

A Letter to 26-Year-Olds

Dear 26-Year-Olds, First off, yes, it’s true. If you’re reading these words and you’re 26-years-old, […]

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September 28 2017

5 Tips for Buying Health Insurance

Ok, let’s start at the beginning. Every month, no matter what health plan you choose, […]

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