How to Make the Most of Your Friday Health Plan This Spring

After a cold, gray winter, spring is (finally) in the air. Temperatures are rising. Fresh flowers are blooming. And outdoor adventures are calling our names.

Most promising of all this spring: Millions of Americans continue to receive the COVID-19 vaccine each day, with the realistic hope that we might achieve some semblance of normalcy come July.

With all that great news, springtime health conditions will still be nagging us these next few months, same as any other year. From spring allergies to Lyme disease, there are a wide-range of illnesses that peak from April to June.

But here’s the good news: Your Friday health plan has you covered for whatever health hiccups you face this spring. See how and where you’re covered below. Enjoy!

Nip springtime allergies in the bud

Runny nose. Scratchy eyes. Seemingly endless sneezes and sniffles and throat clears. Yep, we’re entering the throes of that sluggish, congested, brain-foggy time of year: Spring allergy season.

Unfortunately, the best way to avoid allergens is the least ideal way: Staying indoors—rolling up the windows when you’re driving and keeping the windows shut in your house.

But there comes a point when lifestyle changes and home remedies just aren’t enough, and it’s time to consult a medical professional to help you feel better.

Find an in-network allergist in the Friday Network

At Friday, we’ve built a great team of allergists in each area we serve. While you don’t need a referral from your primary care doctor to see an allergist, you must see an allergist who is in-network, otherwise you won’t be covered. Find an allergist near you here.

Please note that the cost of seeing any specialist varies based on your specific Friday Health Plan, so be sure to review your plan details on your member portal before your visit, or give us a call.

Want easy and convenient help for your allergy symptoms straight away? Connect with a doctor on Teladoc

Teladoc is an incredibly fast, effective, and FREE service that allows you to speak with a doctor by phone, web, or mobile app in under 10 minutes. Teladoc is designed to handle a wide-range of non-emergency illnesses, like sinus problems and allergies.

Get your COVID vaccines, tests, and treatment, for free

Friday Health Plans is covering COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccination for all members. Please visit our COVID-19 Member Support page for helpful resources. As always, you can reach out to the Friday Care Crew for any questions about your plan, benefits, or services.

While millions of Americans are being newly vaccinated each day, and COVID-19 cases have dropped considerably since the winter months, daily cases in the U.S. are still over 60,000. That’s a 10% national rise from just last week. This spring, it’s still recommended to take precautions, like wearing a mask and social distancing, to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Of course, one of the best steps you can take to protect yourself and loved ones is getting a COVID vaccine. If you haven’t already, speak with your primary care doctor and get registered for a vaccine. You can also sign up for registration resources like Dr.B or VaccineFinder.

Have questions about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines? Read our COVID-19 vaccine interview with Dr. Hammond here.

Be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of asthma this spring

With the change in weather and the release of new triggers—pollen, dust, and other allergens—respiratory conditions like asthma can flare up during the spring.

Asthma symptoms may include breathing difficulty, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. These symptoms can be minor or they may interfere with everyday activities. In some cases, asthma can even lead to a life-threatening respiratory attack.

Whatever the severity of your symptoms, it’s always a good idea to get checked out early.

Make an appointment with your physician—primary care doctor visits are completely free on many plans

Visit your primary care doctor to have your symptoms evaluated. From there, you can get referrals for further testing as well as to see an in-network pulmonologist. A pulmonologist—a physician who specializes in the respiratory system—will be able to determine the cause of your asthma and treat it accordingly.

We’ve got an amazing group of pulmonologists in the Friday Health network and you can find them all here. Just remember that pulmonologists are specialists, so definitely check your plan details on the member portal to see how you’re covered before booking an appointment.

Get that bug bite checked out STAT

Now that it’s warm and sunny, you’re likely getting outside more often: Gardening in your backyard, going for hikes, and camping in the woods. While insect bites might be annoying and painful, they’re usually pretty harmless (think: bee stings and mosquito bumps).

Occasionally, though, bug bites can spread infection to humans. The main one that jumps out are tick bites, which can transmit Lyme disease, an infection that causes symptoms like rash, fever, headache, and fatigue. If not caught early, this illness can also infect your joints, heart, and nervous system. Like most diseases, the earlier you catch it, the easier it is to treat and cure.

Many people recently infected with Lyme disease will get a red rash called erythema migrans, which can sometimes look like a “bull’s eye.” This is a clear indication that you’ve been bitten by a tick and need to see a medical professional.

If you happen to pull a tick off you or see that erythema migrans, you can use Teladoc to quickly reach out to a doctor. Send them a photo of both your rash and the tick.

Do a little spring cleaning for your mind

You know, spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for your home; it can be for your mental health, too. Now’s a great time to take stock of your mental “clutter” and focus on starting a new spring season feeling refreshed, tidier, and lighter, both mentally and emotionally.  Regardless of what you’re going through, know that we’ve got your mental game. Mental health is an essential healthcare priority, and we cover it just like your physical health, with a network of great specialists and unlimited $0 counseling on many plans.

If you have a Silver, Gold and Bronze Plus or Rx Plan, you get unlimited mental health visits at $0 (covers counseling visits only). You can either connect with your primary care doctor for a referral or find a mental health professional who fits your needs through the Friday Mental Health Resources page.

All Friday Health Plans members also get access $0 virtual therapy visits with Teladoc by phone or video.

Questions? Concerns? Compliments? We're open Monday-Friday to help you with anything you might need, and you can reach us. Thank you!


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