Six Reasons to Download the Friday Mobile App

The mobile app is here to help you manage your health insurance and access member resources right at your fingertips!

We understand your time is valuable, and the Friday Mobile App can help make your life easier so you can focus on things that matter the most.

Still not convinced? Here are six reasons why you should download the Friday Mobile App today

1. Digital ID card is always with you

Instead of scrambling to find your Friday member ID card before your next doctor appointment, you can easily pull it upon the app. Many people agree they wouldn't mind having one less card in their wallet. 😊

2. Easily pay your invoices

 Keeping track of bills and setting up payments can sometimes be hard to track, and we get that. Quickly pay your invoices or set up automatic payments through the Friday Mobile app. All you need to do is select “Make a Payment,” and you can pay right then and there or set up automatic payments (and never need to worry about missing a payment again.)

3. View progress towards your deductible 

Unsure how much you have left to reach your deductible? You can see it in just a few clicks on the mobile app. This will make managing your insurance much easier, especially if you have family members under your plan and multiple doctor visits

4. Check your medical claims

 You can easily access claims right at your fingertips and see the breakdown of the doctor visit and payments, including how much medical services were charged, how much Friday paid toward those services, and how much of the claim was applied toward your deductible. Remember, claims are not a bill—always wait for an invoice from your doctor or facility before paying for services

5. View Your benefits

We know that when you shop for insurance, reading health plan benefits can make your eyes cross, and we don't expect you to memorize your plan's benefits. View your benefits easily on your Friday Mobile App. Not sure how much a specialist or urgent care visit is covered? Find out quickly through the mobile app.

6. Find other Friday resources

Friday Health Plans offers a variety of other benefits, including $0 Teladoc visits. You can also find member resources and the best way to connect with the Friday Care Crew.

Ready to get started with the mobile app? Download it now from the Apple or Google store. Watch our video to get started.


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