Hey Freelancers – We Made Health Plans For You

If you’re reading this, then shopping for individual health insurance is already taking up way too much of your time. So let's cut right to the chase.

Here's the short of it: We designed our health plans with freelancers in mind, and we figured it would make a ton of sense to give you folks a simple run-down on what we’re offering this enrollment season.

The Catastrophic Plan*

The Catastrophic Plan* is designed for freelancers (or anyone, really) under the age of 30 who really just need the basics of basics. It will be there in case of an accident or if you get super sick.

You even get three in-network primary care doctor visits at no cost for when you’re feeling under the weather—as well as free preventive ACA drugs.

And, because this plan is focused on pretty basic stuff, it often has a really nice price tag.

Sound good? For more info on the Catastrophic plan*, just hit this link.

* Catastrophic Plans are not available in New Mexico.

The Bronze Plan

This plan is great if you don’t go to the doctor very often and just want basic coverage without breaking the bank. You’ll get some handy perks like three free doctor visits and free ACA generic drugs, just in case any unexpected injuries or sicknesses come up.

f you want basic coverage without breaking the bank, one of the Bronze Plans is likely perfect for you. Even though they have a lower price tag, some of the Bronze Plan options have amazing perks like unlimited in-network free doctor visits and mental health visits to help you stay as healthy as can be. And, if you don't feel like leaving your couch, Teladoc visits are included at $0 as well!

Check out the Bronze Plan here.

The Silver Plan

Alright, so the Silver plan gives you a good deal more coverage. It’s great for you or the family members on your plan (read: crazy kids, klutzy spouse) if you see the doctor a few times a year for some basic stuff and are willing to pay a bit more each month to have a lower deductible than some other plans. And life is easier when you have a plan with unlimited free in-network primary care, virtual doctor visits and in-network mental health visits.

Plus you'll get access to affordable drugs, $0 Teladoc visits, and a $75 flat fee for Urgent Care Visits.

See if Silver is the best fit for you here.

The Gold Plan

If you tend to give your insurance card a good workout, the Gold plan may be the way to go. This is a good fit if you’re getting a big surgery this next year, or if you have a condition that lands you in the doctor’s office a bunch. You'll appreciate the unlimited free in-network primary care, virtual doctor visits and in-network mental health visits, plus affordable drugs

Just like the Sliver plan, you'll get access to $0 Teladoc visits, and a $75 flat fee for Urgent Care Visits.

Check out the Gold Plan here.

Thanks for swinging by our site, freelancers. We know that health insurance can be tricky, so if you have any questions this enrollment season drop our Care Crew a line at questions@fridayhealthplans.com. We’re happy to help.

PS: If you make under $51K a year, you could qualify for financial assistance. Learn more on our subsidies page.


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