Four Amazing Health Benefits of Chili

Today is National Chili Day. Besides being delicious, hardy, and boasting excellent health benefits, chili perfect for a February day like today to warm you up and give your body some good sustenance. Here's why you should break out a pot or crockpot and get cooking.

  1. A Good Source of Protein

If you eat meat, beans, or tofu, chili can be packed full of protein. Choose your protein of choice (or multiple), and you'll be giving your body good support! If meat is your choice, try to purchase meats with lower fat contents for healthier, better-for-you chili.

It's essential to get enough protein in your diet. It helps you build muscles, strengthen bones, and keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy. It also supports your blood in carrying oxygen. Eating chili will get you some of the essential protein your body needs.

  • It'll Help Your Digestive System

Chilis, peppers, and beans are an excellent course of fiber. Fiber keeps your digestive system working smoothly and slows the rate that sugar is absorbed into your body. The health of your gut is vital, so it's great to get yourself some essential fiber.

  • Chili Contains Helpful Vitamins and Minerals

Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function correctly. Chili offers many of these, including:

  • Vitamin C and A help your immune system stay in shape and work to keep you healthy.
    • Using a recipe including both tomatoes (or tomato paste) and peppers will give your body a boost in vitamin A and C! If you don’t like one or the other, you can always use just one.
  • Iron helps you transport oxygen in your blood and more! You need iron in your diet.
    • If you make your chili with beans, you'll be providing your body with a good iron source.
  • Capsicum is a type of plant. The ingredients found in this type of plant can help you lose weight by raising your metabolism. It also helps reduce the cravings you may experience for sugar and fat.
    • Chilis and peppers used to season chili contain capsicum, so you don't need to feel guilty grabbing a second helping.
  • Good for Your Heart

Did you know that about half of Americans struggle with high blood pressure? This can increase risks for things like heart disease and stroke. February is also heart-health month, so it's a great time to discuss the benefit of chilis to your heart. The excellent news is that chili can help you fight these conditions and regulate your blood pressure. "People who eat chili peppers regularly appear to lower their risk of dying from heart disease," found Harvard Health.

It's Delicious!

Last but not least, chili is delicious. It's a highly versatile meal that can be tailored to fit your taste. Not only that, but it’s budget friendly and can keep your fridge stocked with leftovers for the whole family! Here are some recipes to try out:

We hope you enjoy a warm, delicious bowl of chili soon!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to the Friday Care Crew at our contact page


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