Friday Health Plans: Interview with the Founders

Since we’ve been in business officially as Friday, we’ve been asked a lot of great questions: ‘Why’s your name Friday?’ ‘What makes you different from other health insurance companies?’ ‘Do you offer real, legitimate health plans?’

As the new kids on the insurance block, we expect and welcome these questions. We just wish we could answer them for more people!

So, to open the lines of communication and give you a better idea of how Friday came to be and what values we stand for, we sat down with Friday’s Chief Executive Officer, Sal Gentile and President, David Pinkert. Check out the below interview to get to know us a little better.

What makes Friday different from other health insurance companies?

Friday Health Plans isn’t your typical health insurance company. We’re not about unnecessary extras and confusing terminology. We cover the basic health stuff you’ll likely use the most at a price that just might make your wallet happy. Our simple health plans and friendly service keep your covered so you’re free to live every day like it’s Friday.

Our goal is to be the Friday of health insurance—consistent, dependable, and a breath of fresh air. We want to give our members the peace of mind that they’re covered, so they can have that Friday feeling every day.

Because we’re local and smaller than our competitors, we focus a lot on helping our members. Whether it’s helping them pick the right plan, find the right doctor, or navigate the health system during an illness or injury, our Colorado-based team is always here for our members.

What was the inspiration for starting Friday?

Before starting Friday Health Plans two years ago in Denver, we had jobs selling technology to most large health insurance companies around the country.

Once the Affordable Care Act enabled individuals to buy health insurance on their own, we thought we could build a better health plan designed just for those individuals. One that was simple and easy to use, with local, helpful customer service unlike the lowly industry standard.

We prioritized benefits that regular folks use the most—like free doctor visits and free generic drugs. And, of course, benefits that are there in case you get really sick or had a major injury.

We believed people would appreciate health insurance built for independent people living in Colorado.

How has Friday evolved and grown?

Health insurance is a very regulated industry but it’s changing all the time. Our headquarters is in Denver but we acquired a health plan in Alamosa, Colorado over a year ago.

We have the ideology of a startup with the foundation of an experienced operation. We see lots of new people coming into the market who want to buy health insurance, people working independently and not tied to a 9-5 company job. Our goal is to develop health plans that serve those folks so they can continue to do what they love while staying covered for a wallet-friendly price.

What types of plans does Friday offer?

All our products are ACA compliant and designed so they can be sold on the Colorado Health Exchange. We did this so our members could use federal financial assistance (subsidies) to help with monthly costs if they qualify.

For example, a single person living alone who earns under $47,000 a year may qualify for financial help. A family of four earning under $97,000 may qualify. For many people, it can cut the monthly cost of health insurance way back, making it more affordable.

We offer four simple plans: Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. If we had to pick a favorite plan, it would be the Friday Catastrophic Plan, which is only available to folks under 30 years old. It still has great benefits like three free doctor visits and free ACA preventive drugs, but with an extra-low price. Friday’s Catastrophic plan is the lowest priced Catastrophic plans in the Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins market.

How can I speak with the Friday Care Crew?

If you have questions about buying a Friday health plan or what plan might be right for you, contact us!

If you’re a current member with questions about your plan, benefits, or services you can reach us at Our team is happy to help!


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