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Have kids? Consider a child-only Catastrophic Plan* even if you have insurance through work

Is keeping your kids on the family or company health plan costing more than it needs to? Switching to a child-only plan could save you a lot of money in the long run.

A child-only plan is a health insurance policy where no parent or guardian is covered and the policyholder is 18-years-old or younger. The child (or children) is the only one on the health plan.

Often, parents are on a health plan from work that either won’t cover children or would cost a lot of money to do so. In this case, a child-only Catastrophic Plan could be a great, wallet-friendly health insurance solution, saving the family money and covering kids with a simple health plan.

Our Catastrophic Plan*offers 3 free primary care visits (per child), $0 preventive ACA drugs, and a free annual wellness visit and eye exam for your child — before you hit your deductible. With additional benefits like $0 Teladoc visits and a network of doctors you can trust, switching the little ones over to Friday Health Plans could be a good move for your family and your wallet.

Get a quote today and see if you can save for 2022.

*Catastrophic Plans are not available in New Mexico.


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