Big Benefits For Your Small Business

Everyone should be able to live every day like it’s Friday, including the small business community. By that we mean small business owners should have wallet-friendly health insurance options they can afford to offer to employees.

At Friday Health Plans, we offer a simple selection of plans for businesses as small as two employees, including start-ups, co-owners, family businesses and partnerships. And best of all, you can enroll any month of the year.

Below we’ve outlined some of the highlights and benefits of our small group plans. Interested in getting a quote? You can reach out to us here and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Health insurance your employees can afford to use

Save money with wallet-friendly health benefits your employees will actually use. Our health plans include plenty of benefits before they pay a dime toward a deductible.  Friday’s small business plans include:

  • $0 Annual Wellness Visits
  • $0 generic ACA drugs
  • $0 annual vision exam in the VSP vision network
  • Colorado-based customer service and staff
  • $0 Teladoc visits with a doctor online or by phone for wellness or mental health

Let your employees choose their own plan

Friday makes it easy to set up your group insurance because we allow multiple plan options.  Employees can pick the plan that works best for them, eliminating your challenge of picking one plan that tries to fit everyone.

Friday’s plans come in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers.

See all small business health plans here.

Have questions or want a quote?

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