7 Staycation Ideas For You and Your Family

As we head into spring break, we expect vacation might look a little different for you and your families. With COVID-19 still posing a risk, many people may not be taking that big road trip or jet-setting just yet. In fact, we expect lots of you will be spring-breaking at home this month

Regardless of where you are, this downtime should be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest. It’s a special window of time to bond more closely with your loved ones, recharge your batteries, and get ready for spring!

Below, we’ve put together a list of seven fun, healthy, and wallet-friendly ideas for your spring break staycation. Enjoy!

  1. Go camping (weather-permitting, obviously)

A camping trip is an amazing way to connect more deeply with your family and unplug from technology -- while, importantly, getting some much-needed time outside of the house!

This needn’t be a huge trip, either. Camping for just a weekend or even a single night under the stars will leave you feeling refreshed and grateful.

New to camping and want tips to enjoy your trip without the struggle? Check out our article here for everything to know beforehand.

Not quite ready to venture into the great outdoors for a camping trip? No worries! You can enjoy a cozy camping experience right in your backyard. All you’ll have to do is pitch a tent, make a fire, and whip up some delicious campfire recipes.

Pro-tip: Make sure you come prepared with all the camping necessities: s’mores, thermoses filled with hot chocolate, camping chairs, a ghost story or two, sunscreen, bug spray, and of course, a cocktail for mom and dad.

2. Perfect your family recipe book

What was once a staple of almost every household kitchen -- a family cookbook, passed down for generations -- has become a bit of a lost art today. But now’s the perfect time to put pen to paper and commit to memory all your family’s mouthwatering meal recipes.

Step one is collecting the recipes from all your family members. Be sure to email your grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles for their most beloved meal recipes. Then, decide how you’d like to format and print each page of the book.

Pro-tip: There’s something to be said about making a cookbook from scratch, but if that sounds daunting, there are plenty of great websites that’ll do the heavy lifting. Zazzle and Shutterfly can help you craft an elegant, long-lasting cookbook for a wallet-friendly price.

3. Take a day trip

If you live in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, or Nevada, then you’re undoubtedly surrounded by gorgeous views and epic destinations, all well within driving distance. Find a day to take your family on a road trip to a breathtaking mountain town or an iconic landmark you’ve never visited before.

A few of our favorites? Colorado’s Ouray is a mountain town that boasts incredible views and outdoor adventures. Nevada’s Seven Magic Mountains is a must-see art installation within the Ivanpah Valley. The views of Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks in New Mexico will ignite your mind.

Pro-tip: Here’s a list of the top day trip destinations in each state

4. Bring the movie theater to a TV near you (like your TV room)

Sure, going to your local theater might not be in the cards right now, but that doesn’t mean your family can’t enjoy an authentic cinematic experience at home.

Pick a newly released movie on Netflix -- or an old familiar favorite -- and make sure you break out all the movie theater goodies. Popcorn, candy, delicious beverages -- maybe even a burger with fries and a shake for some drive-in movie feels. Most importantly, make sure everyone is incredibly cozy (most likely outfitted in their PJs).

Remember, this experience is all about creating the right atmosphere, so dim those lights, turn off those phones, and snuggle up on the couch with your family for a proper movie night.

Pro-tip: These flavored popcorn recipes will delight your taste buds and seriously enhance your viewing experience.

5. Host a Do What Makes You Happy Day

Set aside one day during your staycation to break free from formalities and deadlines, and do exactly what you want. This is your designated day to relax, reset, and get your mind and body right before the official start of spring.

Go for a long walk around your neighborhood. Turn off your phone from sunrise to sundown and devour that book you’ve been meaning to read.

It’s your day -- treat yourself.

Pro-tip: Want to spread the love to the whole family? Encourage everyone to take a day for themselves and do what makes them happy (as long as it's within reason, of course).

6. Keep up with your family’s healthcare needs

Has everyone in your family scheduled their free annual wellness exam? Is everyone up-to-date on their shots and prescriptions? Now that you have time for doctor appointments, be sure to book a visit with an in-network pediatrician or physician.

This really is a good time of year to book your annual wellness visit, a free comprehensive preventive exam with your primary care doctor. It includes certain preventive tests, screenings, and shots. It’s also great for discussing your health history and health goals with your doctor who can make referrals and recommend any further tests that need to be done.

7. Take time for your mental health

Regardless of what you’re going through, know that we’ve got your mental game covered at Friday Health Plans. Mental health is an essential healthcare priority, and we cover it just like your physical health, with a network of great specialists and unlimited $0 healthcare resources.



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