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June 25 2018

A Guy’s Guide to Friday Health Plans

Did you know only 60% of guys take advantage of the free annual physical exam included in their health insurance plan? It’s true. And the other 40% only go to see the doctor if something is very, very wrong. Read: broken bone, pneumonia, terrible back pain, nasty skin infection. For some reason, guys simply don’t […]

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June 24 2018

Why hiking is so freaking good for you

There’s something inherently lame about explaining the health benefits of hiking. Mainly because the reasons most of us love hiking go way beyond the health rewards. You know: epic views, fresh mountain air, the sounds and smells of mother nature, the oddly soothing sensation of dirt and snow crunching under your hiking boots. But we […]

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May 31 2018

How to make it through allergy season

Runny nose. Scratchy eyes. Seemingly endless sneezes and sniffles and throat clears. Yep, we’re in the throes of that sluggish, congested, brain-foggy time of year: Spring allergy season. And unfortunately, looking at the pollen forecast for the next couple weeks throughout Colorado — in counties like Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Adams, Alamosa, Arapahoe, and El Paso […]

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