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January 7 2020

How to Kickstart Your 2020 Friday Health Plan

So you’ve got your Friday health plan. Awesome! Now what? Now it’s time to get […]

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January 6 2020

Are you getting real health insurance?

Hey there, Coloradans. We have an important message for you as we approach the official […]

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January 2 2020

Countdown to the 2020 Open Enrollment Deadline

Open Enrollment: Yep, that riveting time of the year when you get to pick your […]

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December 18 2019

Keep your kids insured for less

Have kids? Consider a child-only Catastrophic Plan even if you have insurance through work Is […]

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December 11 2019

Friday Health Plans Signs Agreements for $50 Million in Funding

December 10, 2019, Denver—Friday Health Plans, a Denver-based health insurance holding company, announced today that […]

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December 9 2019

Your 2020 Health Plan Shopping Checklist

We know, we know. Shopping for health insurance is the worst. It’s daunting. Confusing. Distressing. […]

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November 17 2019

5 Ways to Save with a Catastrophic Plan

Rent, internet bill, car payment and now you want me to pay how much for […]

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November 10 2019

You Could Save Big by Opting Out of Your Employer’s Health Plan

So, you have a job that offers health insurance? Sweet. That means signing up for […]

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October 21 2019

5 Ways to Save on Your Health Insurance

Rent, internet bill, car payment and now you want me to pay how much for […]

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October 18 2019

Vote for Friday as a Best Workplace in Colorado

Amazing Friday Community – We’re posting this video with one simple request. We have been […]

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October 8 2019

Your Guide to Navigating the Friday Mental Health Network

At Friday Health Plans, we pride ourselves on covering your basic healthcare benefits better than […]

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September 25 2019

Important Letter Coming to Your Mailbox (yes, the paper kind)

Hey there, Friday members. Hope you’re having a great week so far. We wanted to […]

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September 19 2019

Ready for Open Enrollment? Here’s what to know about it

Open Enrollment, the window of time when individuals can enroll in a new health plan […]

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September 11 2019

How to make it through allergy season

Runny nose. Scratchy eyes. Seemingly endless sneezes and sniffles and throat clears. Yep, we’re in […]

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September 3 2019

Coinsurance Explained

Don’t speak health insurance mumbo jumbo? No worries, we’re here to simplify things for you. […]

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September 3 2019

Maximizing Your Free Friday Health Benefits

    Hey there, Friday members! We hope you’re having a healthy and happy 2019. […]

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August 26 2019

Are you up to date on your vaccines?

In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, we’re outlining all of the shots and immunizations […]

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August 22 2019

Your On-Demand Urgent Care Options

I’m feeling sick but don’t want to wait a week to see my primary care […]

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August 15 2019

Introducing our new partner: Buddy

Hey there Friday members! You know we have you covered for your free doctor visits, […]

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August 8 2019

Friday’s Back to School Healthcare Guide

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Summer break’s coming to an end. School’s just […]

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July 14 2019

One Simple, Easy-to-Use Health Network

Hey there, Friday members. We have one piece of incredibly exciting news we’re proud to […]

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