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January 3 2019

How to Kickstart Your 2019 Friday Health Plan

So you’ve got your Friday health plan. Awesome! Now what? Now it’s time to get […]

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January 2 2019

Countdown to the 2019 Open Enrollment Deadline

Open Enrollment: Yep, that riveting time of the year when you get to pick your […]

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December 3 2018

Your 2019 Health Plan Shopping Checklist

We know, we know. Shopping for health insurance is the worst. It’s daunting. Confusing. Distressing. […]

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November 26 2018

Friday Health Plans: Interview with the Founders

  Since we’ve been in business officially as Friday, we’ve been asked a lot of […]

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November 20 2018

Friday Feature: Brewmaster Josh Cody

Here at Friday, we have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to health and […]

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November 6 2018

You Could Save Big by Opting Out of Your Employer’s Health Plan

So, you have a job that offers health insurance? Sweet. That means signing up for […]

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November 1 2018

Ready for Open Enrollment? Here’s what to know about it

Open Enrollment, the window of time when individuals can enroll in a new health plan […]

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October 24 2018

Friday Members: Your 2019 Health Plan Renewal Information

Open enrollment for 2019 individual health insurance is almost here! For 2018 Friday Health Plans […]

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October 19 2018

5 Ways to Save with a Catastrophic Plan

Rent, internet bill, car payment and now you want me to pay how much for […]

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October 10 2018

4 Ways to Save on Your Health Insurance

  Rent, internet bill, car payment and now you want me to pay how much […]

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October 2 2018

Your Friday Plan After Hitting Your Deductible

Already hit your deductible for 2018? Here’s a silver lining to using your insurance card […]

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September 27 2018

Health Insurance Benefits to Keep You Healthy and Sexy

Don’t worry, we’re not going to launch into a whole birds and the bees talk […]

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August 30 2018

4 Ways to Maximize the Friday Health Network

We’ve worked hard to craft health plans that are simple, friendly, and really easy to […]

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August 30 2018

Friday’s Back to School Healthcare Guide

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Summer break’s over. School’s started. And after ten […]

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July 31 2018

Your Top Questions Answered

Hey there, awesome Friday members – Hope you’re all having an amazing summer so far. […]

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July 31 2018

5 Free Friday Health Plan Perks for Kids

There’s nothing more worrisome than seeing your little one get sick. As parents, all we […]

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July 31 2018

A Coloradan’s Guide to Skin Care

You’ve heard the boast about Colorado: 300 days of sunshine. It’s one of the many […]

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June 25 2018

A Guy’s Guide to Friday Health Plans

Did you know only 60% of guys take advantage of the free annual physical exam […]

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June 24 2018

Why hiking is so freaking good for you

There’s something inherently lame about explaining the health benefits of hiking. Mainly because the reasons […]

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May 31 2018

How to make it through allergy season

Runny nose. Scratchy eyes. Seemingly endless sneezes and sniffles and throat clears. Yep, we’re in […]

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May 30 2018

Find an In-Network Urgent Care Facility

In this day and age of modern healthcare, you’ve got plenty of options when it […]

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