2022 Renewals

Renewing your Friday Health Plan for 2022 is easy—many folks don’t need to do anything—you’ll automatically be renewed in the same plan! See below for more information.

If you bought your health insurance through the beWellnm (the health insurance marketplace)—either directly or through a broker:

Check bewellnm to see if you will be automatically renewed in your Friday plan—many people will! You will receive a letter in the mail that shows your new monthly premium rate and any changes in the plan benefits. Be sure to update your financial information so you get the most current subsidy amount as it may have changed from last year.

If you are currently on a Catastrophic or Bronze Plan, you will be automatically enrolled in a Bronze Plus plan.


At beWellnm, you can make changes to your account such as:

  • Change your type of plan
  • Change your financial information that affects your subsidy
  • Add/remove dependents
  • Change your address or name

If you bought your health insurance directly from Friday Health Plans (or through a broker) without a subsidy

Your health plan may be automatically renewed if you have a Bronze Plus, Silver or Gold Plan. That means you don’t need to do anything except pay your January premium and your health plan will renew for 2022 automatically. You should have received a letter in the mail that shows your new monthly premium rate and any changes in the plan benefits.

If you do want to make changes to your 2022 plan, visit the Friday Renewal Portal  and follow instructions these instructions:

  1. Click “go to your account” button
  2. When the login screen comes up, click “Create an Account” at the bottom
  3. Enter your Friday ID number, and create a name/password for the account (this can be different than your Friday member portal)
  4. Once logged in, you will see your 2021 plan name and information. On the right side, click “Actions” and “Renew Plan Coverage”
  5. You will then see you’re your name, address, dependents, etc… that are on your 2021 plan. You can make changes here, or confirm this information.
  6. Once changes are made or existing information confirmed, you’ll see your new rate and submit your renewal.

This renewal process IS NOT REQUIRED if you just want to keep the same plan for 2022. You will be automatically enrolled and receive your new ID cards in mid-December.

If you currently have a Catastrophic or Bronze Plan, you will need to actively re-enroll in a new plan at beWellnm.com

Get plan details by visiting the Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Evidence of Coverage page. 

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Starting January 1, 2022, New Mexico members must make payments through beWellnm if they purchased their plan through beWellnm.

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