4 Ways to Maximize the Friday Health Network

We’ve worked hard to craft health plans that are simple, friendly, and really easy to use. But, the truth is that health insurance can still be pretty confusing. Sometimes there’s just no way around that. Especially when you get into super insurance-y terms like copay, deductible, coinsurance, in-network, and out-of-network.

But let’s focus on those last two terms for this article: in-network and out-of-network.

Over the course of the year, we’ve received some really good questions about the Friday Health Plans network: How do I find an in-network doctor? Which hospitals are in the Friday network? Do I need a referral to see specialists even if they’re in-network? What happens if I see a doctor who isn’t in the Friday network?

So, let’s start with the nuts and bolts of it: What exactly is the Friday network?

You know that group of friends you like to hang out with? Well, we have one of those too – only we call them a “network.” The friends in our network include primary care doctors, OBGYNs, pediatricians, hospitals, urgent care facilities, medical specialists, and more. Each selected for their expertise and location, so we can make sure you have the care you need, when and where you need it.

But here’s the thing you’ll want to remember:

It’s really important to make sure the doctor or facility you go to is in the Friday network. Staying in our network is the only way you’re covered with Friday health plans coverage, otherwise your costs won’t be covered by your insurance plan (unless you have a true medical emergency).

Here are a few good resources and tips for staying in the Friday network:

  1. To find a doctor or hospital in the Friday network, check out the provider search, or send us an email at questions@fridayhealthplans.com
  2. To find an urgent care center in the Friday network (which you can visit for a $75/$80 flat fee* for most plans), check out this list. You can also check out Teladoc to reach a doctor online or by phone. All Friday members can access Teladoc for  $0.
  3. For many specialists and medical services, you don’t need a referral from your primary care physician. But definitely make sure the doctor or facility is in the Friday network before scheduling your appointment. Call us if you have questions about referrals!
  4. If you’re having a true medical emergency, go get help at the nearest medical facility or call 911! This is the one case going outside of network would be covered by your health plan.

* On Silver, Gold and some Bronze Plans

Be sure to confirm the doctor, hospital, urgent care facility, specialist, or medical care provider is in our network before you schedule your visit. As always, if you have questions about your plan, benefits, or services, please get in touch with the Friday Care Crew at questions@fridayhealthplans.com. We’re here to help!


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