Friday Feature: Windows of Inspiration

Here at Friday Health Plans, we are proud to serve independent Coloradans and support small businesses. We consider local businesses the heart and soul of Denver, which is where our HQ is located.

That’s why we partnered with Windows of Inspiration, a program started by Denver-based experiential marketing agency Eclectic Activation that supports local businesses and artists while spreading messages of inspiration in the community. These messages take place in the form of window murals and help local businesses attract new customers as they reopen from the pandemic hibernation. They also provide an outlet for artists to show their way of storytelling through art to their community. If you are driving through Denver, you may spot these murals at local breweries or a longtime standing establishment like Sam’s No. 3

Most recently, local artist Katy Zimmerman was able to put her talent to work by painting a mural outside of Hope Tank, a gift store that is in the Baker Neighborhood. Not only will the mural brighten up her storefront, but it conveys a meaningful message for all to see.

We had a chance to speak with Nikki Kolakowski, creator of Windows of Inspiration, to discuss how she started and her passion for supporting local businesses and artists.

At what point during the COVID-19 crisis did you think if creating Windows of Inspiration? What was there a specific moment?  

When COVID-19 hit, it put a lot of our business on hold as live events were uncertain. We are small business owners, and supporting local businesses and the community is the nature of what we do. They are the backbone of what makes a city what so unique and special. Many small businesses had to pivot what they were doing, from recreating technology to redesigning menus.

The idea came about as I saw businesses become empty and wanted the Windows of Inspiration to be a breath of fresh air. I wanted to do something positive tell stories and showcase them to the community.

What makes you passionate about supporting local artists?

Prior to starting, Eclectic Activation,I was the Director of Marketing at the Westword and helped manage many of their large-scale events, which included Artopia, a signature local artist showcase. It got me engaged in the Denver art community.

Art is such a wonderful way to tell an incredible story. It tells a story very quickly and very impactfully and integrates with the local culture and in real time.

What type of local businesses are you targeting? 

We have an inquiry form on the website that businesses can submit. We hope to work with businesses that are local and or family owned.  We have also been keeping our ear to the ground for businesses that need help or some positivity right now.

What has been the best moment since starting Windows of Inspiration?

I think seeing the vision come to life. We are excited that our sponsors Friday Health Plans and Truly Hard Seltzer saw the vision of where this program could go. When we installed the first piece of artwork, the business and artist we worked with got so excited and were very thankful to be involved. It is really cool seeing this come to life and the immediate impact it has on our community. It’s even better than I thought it would have been.

What do you want people to take away from the art? What is your goal for Windows of Inspiration? 

The ability to be creative and collaborate to inspire others is so important, during these times, it’s easy to get in your hole and not seek opportunities to work with others.

From the sponsors to businesses to the artists, this program has the ability the create unique relationships, new partnerships, and new collaborations to inspire.

Where can we expect to see more murals thorough out Denver?

This week we had art installations go up at 7Twenty Boardshop, Birdcall in historic Five Points, and Factotum Brewhouse. You can find murals later this month at Recess Beer Garden, Huckleberry Roasters and Park Burger.

Follow Windows of Inspiration on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned for new murals and new cities to come.



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