Self-Care During COVID-19

It is not easy to distance yourself from friends and family or change your daily routine. With constant news updates, it can be hard to disconnect and stay active.

While we are adjusting to the new norm, it's crucial to make time for you and take care of your own mental, emotional, and physical health. Self-care is more than focusing on the current moment. Addressing your long-term wellbeing is equally important. Remember, by taking care of yourself, you are taking care of those close to you.

So, take some notes and create a checklist to plan your self-care. Here are ways to get started:

Channel energy towards hobbies

Having hobbies such as art, music, cooking, or reading is a great way to change your energy. Don't have any hobbies right now? Challenge yourself and try new things. Trying a new hobby will allow you to take your mind off stressors and help you gain new skills. Need some inspiration? View this list to get ideas.

Keep your routine

If you are working from home, continue to get up and at the same time and follow your daily routine. Try maintaining the same sleep schedule and avoid staying up too late or sleeping in too much. Do you usually check in with family or friends? Try to keep maintaining those connections and keep up with social interactions even if you can’t meet in-person. For example, if you and your friends meet up for book club monthly, try doing a virtual one instead.

Get moving

It's proven that exercise reduces anxiety and depression. Even though gyms may be closed right now, getting outside and going for a walk or jog is beneficial (as long as you maintain distance). The fresh air and sun are added perks. Been meaning to try a new workout routine? Now is the time to try something new with so many gyms offering free online classes. If you are working at home, set aside breaks to move around and stretch.

Help others

Do you find helping others makes you feel good? While many people are home, others are working to keep our communities safe. You can give back by contributing funds to feed hospital workers or donate medical supplies if you have any at home that are not being used. If you want to support others in the community who may feel lonely and need connection, you can volunteer to make phone calls. View a list of other ways to help.

Treat yourself

Have you been wanting to binge a show but haven’t had the time? Or wanting to take a long bath and read? Now is the time to slow down and treat yourself. Try taking a break from cooking and order take out or get curbside (you'll be supporting local businesses at the same time).

Write a journal

Not sure how to how to process your feelings? Try jotting them down. It’s okay to feel sad or anxious and journaling will help. While journaling, you can find things to be thankful for each day, this way you can reference them when you are having a difficult time.

How you respond to these uncertain times can depend on your situation. Remember that self-care is different for everyone, and it’s important to find ways how you can cope with stress. If you need to need to talk to a medical professional over your mental needs, reach out to your local mental health provider to see if they can make telehealth appointments over the phone or through video chat.

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