June 15 2020

Need to buy health insurance mid-year? Make sure you know your options and get the real thing

About a half-million Coloradans are expected to join Medicaid or other insurance in the next coming months due to rising unemployment, according to The Colorado Department of Health Care and Policy and Financing. If you recently lost your job and your health insurance, it is important to understand that you have options, especially as we navigate COVID-19.

A job loss or another major life event means you qualify to buy health insurance outside of the regular open enrollment period (called a “special enrollment period,” and you may even qualify for financial assistance. Here is what you need to know about enrolling in a health plan during a special enrollment period and the coverage you will get during COVID-19.

What is a Special Enrollment Period?
While the open enrollment period to buy health insurance in Colorado  typically runs  November 1 – January 15, you can purchase health insurance within 60 days of having  a “qualifying life event.”

What exactly is a “qualifying life event?” It could be leaving a job, getting married, divorced, turning 26, or loss of a job—all which affect your health insurance. You will need to provide documentation to prove your qualifying life event. For example, if you have a baby on July 2, you can enroll your child in your plan starting that day by submitting a birth certificate. You can get more details about these life events and the type of paperwork required.

Lower Your Health Insurance Rates with Financial Assistance
Did you know Coloradans can get financial assistance to lower their monthly insurance rates? You can check to see if you qualify at Connect for Health Colorado and purchase a Friday plan through at a lower rate if you are eligible for a subsidy.

Get coverage for COVID-19 for no cost
We’ve taken several steps to ensure our members can access needed care during COVID-19, including $0 testing and treatment and free telehealth appointments through Teladoc Learn more about Friday COVID-19 member support.

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