2019 Provider Portal

Provider Portal changes coming soon!


Friday Health Plans is expanding and updating many of its supporting systems.  As part of our updated claims system, we will be transitioning to a new provider portal site. 

Highlights for the portal rollout: 

  • Available January 2019: 

Verifying Patient Eligibility 

Provider Resources   

  • Available January or February 2019: 

Authorization status 

  • Available February 2019: 

Access to claims data for all 2019 dates of service 

  • There will be additional releases planned for Q1 and Q2 of 2019, including the ability to submit authorizations online and other updates. 

How to Register:     

Early Registration:  Prior to the portal going “live,” Friday Health Plans wants to give you an opportunity to provide user requirements early – so we can approve your access, and issue your credentials to log into the portal as soon as it goes into production. 

Complete the user information below for each person at your provider office who needs access, and send it to us at your earliest convenience.   The team will review the information and approve your access for eligibility, claims, and authorization information for the providers indicated.    Thank you.

*Required – please include this data

Email: This can be used for more than 1 user, but requires a different username for each user

Provider Portal Early Registration Form


For any questions, email us at: questions@fridayhealthplans.com

Once our portal goes “live,” you will be sent a verification email that will provide a link to log into the site. Be watching for the email late December, early January. Thank you!

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